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when it comes to seo mistakes it is easy to go unnoticed so in short you may have no idea about the mistakes you have made for example not adding keywords to the titles trying to create low quality links etc there are thousands of mistakes you can make there are many details needed to ensure success in seo practices but the biggest secret of success is to develop yourself and achieve this process in line with the dynamics of the medium used in this video we will talk about the minor mistakes you can make wireless your implementation remember these errors that you dont take seriously may cause significant click loses in your content traffic so here we go [Music] hello everyone im sharif from the finger today im gonna talk about most common seo mistakes one the tendency for the wrong keywords one of the most common mistakes is the wrong keyword selection when choosing a keyword the keyword should be related to the site and concentrated on it once the correct keyword is found a backlink should be taken on that keyword in this way an increase can be initiated in search engines in that word search two incorrect website title selection some webmasters leave the tag of their site blank this isnt good for seo to be shown in the search results text must be filled three javascript menus they arent read and indexed by search engine bots like google bot the pages of your site wont appear in serps because they arent indexed so when using the javascript menu the page links in the menu should be specified in the sitemap file thus search engine bots see and index your pages from the sitemap file for insufficient site updates and maintenance leaving the site as it is and not taking care of it also lowers your website in serps if the site is a blog or forum site it is necessary to keep it updated by writing a certain number of articles every day search engines like google put your website to the top because it is up to date at the same time it is necessary to check the site regularly to see if there are any errors 5. adding too many meta tags it is wrong to add a large number of meta tags to the site so that it would appear in the serps in this case google thinks the site is spamming and can put the site into the sandbox it is only necessary to add meta tags related to this site 6. backlink spam site owners who want to be at the top of the serps buy backlinks newly opened websites may end up in the sandbox because of buying excessive backlinks when buying backlinks it is important to purchase them from sites similar to the content of the site newly opened sites should get backlinks little by little they should start with original article indexes then wait for time to pass after a certain period backlink purchases can be started again seven keyword deficiency in content keywords shouldnt be too much in terms of numbers this indicates that you are spamming but deficiency in the keywords of the content makes the site not appear in the serps content related keywords must be entered 8. build in the wrong backlink strategy links to our site through different websites are vital for seo links with high quality and a high level of interest will ensure that your website ranks well in the serps in the opposite case links from long quality websites will negatively affect our site 9. publishing copy content this issue can also be described as poor quality content copy content is so common today and is a practice punished by search engines copying content is considered spam by google instead of continually repeating content it is necessary to create quality and original content by producing unique and meaningful texts and 10. indexing poor content pages pages that dont provide enough information to the visitor and contain little text are known as weak pages when these pages appear in front of the user in the search results there will be negative feedback in this case it will be necessary to produce quality content for such weak content pages or if you cannot produce quality content it should be close to the index alright thats it for today if you like this video or learn anything please leave a comment and hit the subscribe button if you need more information about this content you can check out the description box and go to thanks for watching and have a wonderful day [Music]

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