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hey everyone welcome back to design news today  were checking out some amazing figma updates which will kind of change the way you design  inside figma an amazing file management plugin which will allow you to manage files and assets  inside your figma files which is kind of crazy a web-based tool which allows you to remove objects  any object from an image without using photoshop or anything else also an update to spline tool  which allows you to create 3d glass animations and that you can add to your figma xt whatever  tool you like all this and so much more in todays episode of design news so make sure you watch till  the end and also subscribe to the channel before you move on alright so the first news comes  from a design friend of mine called natheesh bookmark is a plugin that hes created recently  and its crazy because it allows you to link different figma files and put it  into one organized folder or multiple organized folders so for example youre working  on fig jam and you have a design file connected with it you can have those files in one folder so  that you can go back and forth between each other not only that you can add inspiration links so  if you have say a dribble link you can always bookmark that dribble link and associate it with  a particular file you that way you will be able to create organized mood boards right inside figma  and yes everything can be organized under folders so you can have an onboarding folder and you can  put all your onboarding screens and files into that and what if you want to send this organized  files to a friend of yours or to colleague of yours well you can do that theres something  called backup and export so it will export a file which then can be imported by the bookmark  plugin on your friends or colleagues figma that way you can stay organized together also  if this seems a little confusing dont worry there is a explanation or gif or video here which  kind of explains what can be done and how to do it here on the very website hes created now if  youre a designer chances are youve heard about bravo studio i did a couple of videos so if  you want to learn more about it go check that out later but bravo studio version 3 is out which will  enable you to create such extensive and incredible apps without using code just design and an  app comes out apart from that it allows you to create a draft version of an app as well as  a live version of an app so if youre working on some changes you can make it to the draft and once  its live you can push it to live you now have the ability to connect a lot more applications and  apis so you can basically connect things like notion webflow wordpress open api which is kind of  crazy and will give you a lot of benefits also you can add auth 2 which is a very safe version of  authentication for your application so you can basically allow people to register login without  having the hassle of protection and safety and they have maps available now so you can add a map  by default and then add places on it and give a map capabilities so if you want to build a version  of google maps why not go ahead we all remember and have used spline tool at some point of time  they now have a crazy new update which allows you to add glass yes the whole frosted glass look  that everyone is in love with and is amazed with is incredible because now it is by default there  in the spline tool you just have to select color and change it to glass and its as simple as that  over that you can add textures create that frosted glass look that everyone loves and also add  animations 3d and more and also add things like lighting effects animations and so much more to  that so the whole glass morphic look is gonna get a huge up upgrade with spline tool again there are  videos on spline on my channel as well so go check that out but glass is a huge update and i love it  now in other news anima is one of the best plugins for xd figma and sketch however they have now a  new update which brings it to the next level first of all it brings truly functional material design  which means all the ripple buttons and input fields sliders and buttons and stuff like that  all will be included in anima so all youll need to do is just drag and drop from anima and all  the functionality will be attached to it another crazy feature is that there is something called  widgets now so if you want to add a button to say your prototype before adding it you can edit  the text the button type the layout of the button the effects of the button the icon of the  button if you want an icon inside the button all that can be done in widgets and then be added  to your figma or xt and it also brings something called parallax scroll for adobe xd so now you  can add parallax scroll almost natively in xd you just have to click a button and an object  or a scene will turn into a parallax object and then when you scroll it has that nice parallax  animation fingers crossed should be coming to figma soon now youve all used tools like remove  bg which allows you to remove the background from a subject in an image but what if i told you now  you can remove objects from inside an image and still keep the original image now this is really  possible because of now this uses ai and a bunch of other tech to bring this  thing to life and ill show you an example to show you how amazing this works now here is an image  where theres a lot of depth of field which means behind the glass you can see things have started  to blur out and fade away so youd assume covering up this glass or removing this glass from this  image will be difficult well not for this tool im going to download this image once ive downloaded  this im going to just drag and drop thats as simple i can change the brush size but for now  this is fine and all i need to do is just paint around first of all this object and once ive  painted around this i can paint inside it as well thats about it just remove your mouse from there  and within a few seconds its going to remove this cup or this mug wow okay so this keeps almost  keeps the depth of field effect where the things are starting to blur out ask yourself this  question guys if i had this image in front of you would you think ive removed something from  this would you think ive edited it in any way like this no so it shows how it can even remove  objects from complex images where theres depth of field or whether its a blurred background  or a foreground object just to see how well this works im going to download this other image  where theres this little hen and this was here drag this pencil or pen whatever you want to call  it over this hen it will magically just disappear and it will keep all the background objects the  table everything intact oops okay so we did mess up a little bit but as a final touch you can brush  it again and if i brush it again within seconds wow it has removed the hen look at this does  it feel like there was a hen statue before this to me it doesnt if i had shown you this picture  you would think its a normal picture of a was and nothing else as some of you know i have my own  design school where we train students and get them placed in some incredible companies like accenture  tata consultancy lollipop design and other amazing companies weve recently launched a job guarantee  program as well along with that were having a new batch in november november 20th so if you want to  know more about this and even join the program for a very affordable price you can do that you just  have to follow the link go to join design wings and after you fill out this form well give  you a call back one of our team members will get back to you and solve all your questions  there now this is a news for tomorrow and for the coming to three days this is called adobe max  all these incredible fork like conan obrien out of the blue is gonna be are gonna be here and  theyre gonna showcase all the incredible updates as well as new tools adobe will release this year  youll have photoshop updates illustrator updates and surprise surprise adobe xd updates im really  eager for this update because ive been waiting and there seems to be a lot of hype behind this  so if you want to check out adobe max i suggest go check it out and sign up register for free before  tomorrow so you dont miss out on these incredible max sessions i will try to cover most of the  updates on the channel so subscribe to the channel and wait for it as well yeah yeah i know  everybodys been waiting for the figma updates that is going to change everything now the first  sigma update which which im really happy about is fig jam fake jams new update allows you to  add widgets plugins and widgets to your whiteboard essentially so now youll have crazy widgets like  poles color selectors chat bubbles and windows and all these crazy things inside fig jams so fig  jam is now the ultimate tool apparently and ive been using fig jam for a while to brainstorm  with my team on design wings and to be honest its actually pretty helpful now with some crazy  widgets that the community is coming up with the possibilities have become endless and im  really excited to see where this goes especially with gpt3 now you can even use fake jam without  a figma account yes so if youre doing say an event or a session with people all right and  they dont have a figma account no worries they can join your jam open session and in this  open session this file will only be active for 24 hours unless you decide to separately save  it somewhere so youll essentially have this nice mood board or dashboard where you can just  brainstorm with people just for 24 hours even if they dont use figma thank god because a lot  of product managers will not use figma a lot of developers wont use figma and if they have  access to such tools without having an account kudos to you figma theyre finally making some  beta features public yes thank god the whole merging different design iterations into one is  now live so that anybody can use this since were talking about figma now warp tools yes this is a  really cool plugin which allows you to warp shapes text anything basically and you can warp it freely  you can warp it around a radius use strength kind of reminds me of certain tools in illustrator in  photoshop which allows you to do the same however this is now in figma go ahead leave photoshop an  illustrator for figma now huh no im just kidding adobe please dont sue me now figuring out  the best illustrations for your project is kind of tricky because there is dark mood light  more different kinds and styles of illustrations but you never know what fits well doodle ipsum  of course from blush by pablo stanley is one such tool that allows you to do that you can  choose between different kinds of avatars and design styles from here and it changes on the  right they also have different parameters so if you want the background of an illustration to be  this round circle then you can add a particular parameter called shape is equal to circle in your  code and thats and thats it this blush api is kind of going to change the game when it comes to  adding illustrations almost dynamic illustrations to your projects is that a new tech were  coming up with kudos to pablo for this amazing incredible api and this this tool that he has  live here scoring good illustrations designs and resources is difficult because theres so many  different kinds of assets out there ui score however makes it easier for you it kind of feels  like any other design library illustration library similar to ui eight but where it differentiates  itself is by is by creating this tool called create pull builder it allows you to access  various illustrations in its library and then mix and match them so you can add an illustration  from one library and add one from another combine them and make your own crazy thing is you can even  select things like the action the person is doing so running standing walking whatever you want  the illustration can do that for you an office background with a child crying in front bring your  child to work day apparently and yes its called embed ready here as well you can just embed these  illustrations and dynamically change it later on on your website i think its pretty cool to be  honest so the illustrator builder for figma and sketch is completely free if you want complete  access to themes commercial use branding assets ui kits everything in one they have a full access  portion where of course you pay a small amount and you can get all their entire library for a certain  amount and i will see you next time same place same time every monday and thursday remember that  subscribe to the channel click on the bell icon and like the video if you did like the video ill  see you next time till then take care god bless

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