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when youre learning to code do you ever feel  like youre stuck learning the same thing over and over again? you might watch a tutorial video  and by the end you feel like you kind of get it but when the next day rolls around youve no clue  how any of it works anymore so you have to go back and re-watch the tutorial but unfortunately this  pattern keeps repeating you might feel like none of this knowledge is actually sticking in your  brain and it can get very frustrating to feel like youre not getting anywhere so in this  video Im going to cover some common pitfalls that might be tripping you up and causing you  to waste time when youre learning to code now as a disclaimer keep in mind that there  are no magical shortcuts that will transform you overnight into a coding expert I know, even  with good learning techniques its still going to take time to go from a beginner developer to a  more advanced one alright lets get into the tips the first one is dont learn things randomly  figure out a road map to follow if youre jumping around trying to learn git one day CSS custom  properties the next and javascript promises on the third you may be setting yourself up for a lot  of hardship instead of picking things at random to learn look for a structured path that you can  follow one path you can use is a video on my channel called learn web development for absolute  beginners it shows you a simplified roadmap of the main skills that youll need to learn and the  order to learn them in you can also go through an online bootcamp curriculum like FreeCodeCamp, Zero  to Mastery or Ania Kubóws 12 hour bootcamp on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The benefit of following  a pre-made path is that youll know what you need to learn and when and as you go from one step to  the next youll be able to see your progress and feel like youre actually getting somewhere now as  youre following your path you might be tempted to try to learn multiple things at the same time in  order to get through everything more quickly but doing this may actually divide your attention  and make it harder for that knowledge to stick so tip number two is dont try to learn everything  all at once but focus on learning one thing at a time I recommend staying on one subject until  you feel you have a decent grasp of the basics at least when youre starting out for example  lets say youre learning html first once you feel like you know most of the common tags and can  build a very basic html web page you can move on to learning CSS then in the future if you come  across an html tag that youre not familiar with you can take some time to learn about that  specific tag tip number three be an active learner dont just passively consume content sitting  back and watching an instructor go through the material without trying anything yourself is not  going to get you very far instead try to do some combination of taking a new information and then  trying it yourself in real life for example I went through Wes Boss CSS grid course back when I was  first learning about grid what I did was I would watch the video and try to code along with wes  through the lessons if I didnt fully understand something I would go back and watch it again and  after each lesson I would pause the course and try to build the lesson examples on my own without  looking back as much as possible this trying to create what youve just learned without looking at  the source code is a great way to see how much you actually remember and itll very quickly help  you identify the weak points in your knowledge so you can then go back and fill it in after the  course was done I felt like I had a basic grasp of CSS grid but I wouldnt consider myself an  expert by any definition and I think thats okay because I could try to use grid when building  website layouts and if I ever got stuck on anything I could refer back to the course or  other resources like Mozilla Developer Network learning new skills and coding is a combination  of learning the knowledge and putting it into practice which brings me to tip number four dont  just memorize stuff remember back in school when you were learning vocabulary words and history  dates you might have studied lists of facts and memorized them so that you could regurgitate  them for tests and quizzes now Im not here to debate the pros and cons of rote memorization  however trying to learn html by just memorizing lists of all the html tags is not going to be very  effective coding is an applicable skill not just a collection of abstract facts obviously you do need  to be able to remember things in order to use them but youre going to learn flexbox a lot faster  if you explore all the different properties by playing around in a code pen for a day or two as  opposed to just memorizing the definition of flex grow no web developer is going to know everything  off the top of their head I can attest to this as someone who worked in the industry for a long  time and worked with other professional developers we all used Google or DuckDuckGo if you care  about your privacy to look up stuff constantly in a way Stack Overflow, MDN, and CSS Tricks  become kind of like an extension of your brain the goal of all this is to be able to build  websites and if you need to look up stuff along the way thats perfectly fine everyone  does it and that brings me to tip number five build stuff I know everyone says this but it  really is the best way to learn coding watching tutorials and going through courses is the  beginning not the end of learning web development at my first web dev job I would be given a  project like building a landing page with a button and getting it to submit to a database now since  this was my job I had to build it I didnt really have a choice and oftentimes Ill be given a task  that I had no idea how to do scary right the only solution was to jump right in and try my best I  would look stuff up and try things on my own and ask for help when I really was stuck even though  the process of figuring this all out may have been very painful at times it was all worth it in  the end when I got to look at my finished website and this is one big benefit of learning by  building projects having a tangible goal in front of you is great because when you reach it  youll feel like youve really achieved something if youre looking for project ideas dont worry  because there are tons of them on the internet search for things like "javascript project  ideas" or "react project ideas" you get the picture and personally I always recommend for front-end projects that are also great additions to your portfolio Ive  built a few Frontend Mentor projects on my channel and if youre interested you can check out  Building a Responsive Website from Scratch and more recently, Building a Social  Media Dashboard with a Dark/Light Toggle and if you do watch these dont forget to  code along with me as you watch anyway if youre currently learning to code I really  hope that this video has been helpful for you let me know down in the comments what you thought  and if you have any more tips that you found useful feel free to share those as well so thanks  for watching and well see you in the next one :)

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