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Implement Search, Sort, Filter and Pagination Rest API With Node JS | Express | MongoDB - read the full article about Node Js update, Web Development and from CyberWolves on Qualified.One
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whats up guys welcome to my channel today  were gonna be building this awesome project with mern stack by building this project  youre gonna learn how to create api which handle pagination sort filter and search yes all  this in one api and we also gonna learn how to call this api and show the data in beautiful  ui from front end so why do we need to build api like this because by adding search filter  with pagination makes it easier for the user to find what he is looking i am so excited to  build this project for you guys i hope you too i recommend you to have basic knowledge of  node and react for building this project before we jump into our vs code  those who new to this channel i highly recommend you to subscribe and like this  video so without wasting time lets get started first open up a command prompt in your computer  then create a folder named imdb clone after creating this folder navigate into it inside this  folder create server folder where we write all our backend code lets initialize server folder  with npm with default values after initializing lets install dependencies we need in this project  which are express mongoose dotenv cors and nodemon after installing dependencies open this  project in vs code with this command ok now we are in vs code first open package.json  file change main file to be server.js inside scripts remove test command and  add start command to be nodemon server.js after making changes save this file in  root directory create file named server.js inside this file import dot env module then import  express module and also import course module first save express instance in app variable  were gonna use express.json and cors define port variable its value can be port  defined in environment or 8080 then we gonna listen our app on port and console.log save this  file and create dot env file in root directory in this file add your mongodb url after adding url save this file and  create dbconnect.js file in root directory in this file import mongoose module then create  arrow function name db connect and dont forget to export inside this function add connection  params variable which will be use new url parser to be true with mongoose.connect  method we will connect to our database it required two params database url and connection  params on connected event we will console log connected to database successfully on error  event we console log error occurred while connecting to database and we also console log  error on disconnected event we will console log mongodb connection disconnected thats it  guys save this file and open server.js file here import dbconnect file and call  the function so that we can connect to our database save this file now lets  create models folder in root directory inside that folder create movie.js file in this file import mongoose module we  gonna create schema for our movie model which define structure of document default values  validators and etc so define movie schema variable and assign new mongoose.schema inside  that object add name type will be string and required to be true exactly like  that we need image type will be string and year type will be number and genre type will  be array of strings and rating type will be number lets create model with help of mongoose.model  method it required two params model name and schema then export the model save this file  now and create routes folder in root directory inside that folder create movies.js file ok now we gonna write our api which handle  pagination search filter and sort so first import router from express module then import movie  model from models folder its going to be a get api so add router.get method with endpoint /movies its going to be async function and add try catch block in it if error occurred we console  log and send response with 500 status code before we write our code in try block first export this  router because i forgot to export most of time let me know in comments is there anyone like  me ok after exporting. In try block define page variable and assign page number  vc from query by subtracting with 1 if not received it will be 0 you might  be thinking why i am taking 0 for page 1 just wait you will understand define  limit variable and assign query limit or default limit will be 5 then define search  if search query not received assign empty string then define sort and assign query if  not received default sort will be rating exactly like sort define genre if not received  default will be all in order to filter movies by genre we need all genres we have in our database  it is just a demo so i am adding genres manually in an array in real world scenario you should save  all genres in a database and get data from there so after getting all genres then if genre  is all we assign our genre options array else we split the genre query with comma then if  sort query received exactly like genre we split them with comma and assigned to sort else we add  sort in an array next we define sort by variable with empty object why we need this because we  also gonna allow user to sort rating or year in ascending or descending order so if sort length is greater than 1 it means user has specified in which order he wants so assign  sort order to be sort of index 1. here we are taking first element of sort array as dynamic  property else default sort will be ascending now define movie variable and add await movie.find inside that add regex and search variable options is i which means case sensitive it matches  every letter doesnt matter its capital or small add one more method where to chain. It filters  genres by given genres then add sort and pass sort by variable and add skip method here we need  to specify how many documents we want to skip it will be page multiply by limit lets  assume its page 1 so it will be 0 in back end 0 multiply by 5 which is default limit 5 here  we skip 0 documents that is what we want but for second page we skip five documents i hope  now you understand why we set it to be zero then dont forget to add limit method which  limit documents thats it we got our movies but in order to show how many pages we have  we need to do the same query we thought limit after getting total save it in a variable define  response variable and add error to be false, total, page, limit, genres so that we can  show all genres on frontend and movies then send response with status code of 200.

thats it save this file  now and open server.js file in this file import movie routes and  then add app.use /api movies routes save this file now in order to test this api  we need to have movies in our database so i have created this config folder inside that  created movies.json file. inside this file i have array of movie details we will push this array of  movies to our database you can find this json file from github repo i will add it in description  now lets write this function in movies.js file first import movies.json file  and save it in a variable then create async function name insert movies  with try catch block in it. In try block add await movie.insertMany and pass movies  array save the result and return if error occurred we return error then call this function  console.log docs and errors save this file now now open command prompt by starting our project  insert movies function will execute so our movies will be added to database to start our project  enter npm start command ok connected to database and here we go our movie is also added  dont stop our project lets go to vs code and comment out insert movies function because  we dont need this anymore after making changes save this file now its time to test our api  open postman okay i am in postman i have already added this api lets call by clicking on send  button as you can see we have got our response total documents are 14 and its  page 1 lets change it to page 2 now we are in page 2 lets set  limit to 6 instead of default 5 and it is also working fine now i want movies with genre drama on  page 2. lets see what we get in results okay it is also working lets go to page one now lets sort movies by year default is ascending lets set  desc to get in descending order if you want movies with multiple  genres add , and then add genre last one more left search i will search godfather  movie by just adding god because im lazy this api is working fine now lets wrap things up in next video were gonna use this api in  react project to learn how to handle pagination sort search and filter on frontend. subscribe  to my channel to dont miss next video or for exciting future videos i hope you have learned  something new today by watching this video so bye you

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