Create WEB with WordPress 2021 ? Create a Landing Page with WordPress in 20 minutes

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Create WEB with WordPress 2021 ? Create a Landing Page with WordPress in 20 minutes - read the full article about wordpress 2021, Web Development and from Miguel Mart on Qualified.One
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whats up guys today I bring you a video very interesting because I want to teach you to be able to create a landing page like this its just a landing page or a very simple page where you can express or teach by example what it is a product an offer or something for the style so I have used this for a lot of my products yes you want to create this in about 20 minutes come on lets see how its done [Music] well, the first thing we need to have our own project in our quality website is a hosting a site where you have struggled How do I have Miguel Mar here together with have it all in a hosting that is good quality if you are in miguel mar dotcom you can access up here where it puts the hosting that I use or I directly leave you on the screen the address where you have to come to this page that is miguel mar dotcom barra hosting once here you have to choose what hemisphere although you are part of the world in this case I am Spain once here You are going to see that the guys from the web company They have created this fantastic landing for me to apply directly the coupon of 25% discount so I I recommend that you choose between some of these pack that you have here in this case how we are going to create a single web page In principle with this one it is worth us although as you can see they are unlimited you can create all the websites you want as long as space allows or so the difference of different pac in this one case we are just going to give it here and ready what it does here is that it tells us two things on the one hand if we want totally free for one year domain that is free we would only have I put it here so for example Well, in this case, you put your domain that is free we are going to write 1 we select if we want it on point that in dotcom and we give forward to see if its free as we can see it tells us that he is already free and were going straight to the mess so we are going to do the process and we are going to fill in all data once we have filled in all the data this will then give us the discount which is currently in 25% of discount so we also take advantage I tell you something if instead of choosing a year you choose three the first discount or what will do everything you choose vast majority of people use three years directly and thus the discount is brutal is a 25 percent discount for three years or so I recommend once the whole is finished registration process directly goes to get an email where they go to be the accesses to enter the company web control panel Well, it has finally reached our email an email with the accesses and with everything to enter this is fine once you have you are here we just have to give this one pack that is the hosting then we give it to the sprocket and here if we go down a little bit we will be able to see here that we can access directly to our panel well this part is very important because in the c panel we can manage all we have of spaces and a bunch of tools that we provides the hosting to be able work on our website us what we have to locate is this icon here in wordpress once you We give the wordpress We are going to tell you that we want to create a wordpress then here we are going to fill in these data as simple as this You will see the name of the site we want make for example in this case site of test after the name what we have to select is what domain we have and we have bought more than one or pointing more than one towards hosting here if the we have registered one will appear well once put the domain what we most interest right now is to put here a email putwe are ours and below a password to be able access our website if it is it may be quite safe and we give directly here good in tan only as you see in real time in about seconds our wordpress site with everything that an installation entails manual is done in seconds and its here you see the summary of what something happened well that I have commented is that it directly returns company with each domain you have directly give the free certificate ssl this is normally charged in others sites then as you see here already https appears of the domain if we click here equal to we already have a site in wordpress ready to start work now what we have to do is go here down and give access It will ask us for the username and the password that we have put before and then we hit the button and we we found on the desk of wordpress lets close this from here and now we go to the next step well, at this stage what we need in the next point of this video is to have a template that be premium a template that us let us leave our spectacular site that is, something that when someone enters then gape on this one case and for this exercise we are going to do we need to hit well this template is purchased at thin forest what is the license and it costs 59 dollars I want you to touch everything, dont you go dont go yet because there is another alternative this the only thing it does is that the template automatically at buy a license be upgrade automatically alone but of course this by For example they put a update maybe every month or every two months at the most then what happens I have another option if you go inside from my premium zone it happens to have that template and lots of premium plugins and premium templates that will be inside waiting for you apart we have exclusive tutorials only for subscribed to my premium zone so Well I leave you here the link in case you It is interesting that it is in miguel mar dotcom premium or up here surely that a little card appears to go well and once you already have the squad in fall directly on your computer we continue now that we have the desk here from wordpress what we are going to install is the famous theme in fall well for that what we are going to do is going to be in appearance subjects and we give this button to add new now we get suggestions from others themes that are free but us we have one already downloaded we are going to give you to this button we want to upload one and from here we are going to give you so that we find the address or directly we can do the following either windows or mac we can drag it heres how far the button goes in blue we are going to give you to continue here as it is a very heavy subject it is better upload it by ftp but if it gives you an error of this type do not worry if I know what happens is that you have to go back to the home page again and to the desk we go there once at the desk we will go again to appearance to issues as you see The theme already appears here in fort we give it to activate and once active we see that already A menu appears here that says fail with a lot of features but do not worry that now the we will see how simple it is we will go to the page to see how it looks perfect here already seen in folk but you will say well but what does this have to do with it with the other this is not that it is pretty well, dont worry that magic its going to start right now well as I said lets do magic and is that it is very simple with this one template that is called in fall as you see Everything looks very ugly but we are not going to go directly here to the desk of wordpress inside the desktop we are not goings to go to the menu in fall and here we go down in this menu also from the left and we will not go to import demo we go down a little and we locate the demo that we want we want to install this one here which is for a landing we click on it and we just watch it get going now all the is being imported material from the center of the fol to our website everything and we do not nothing look has already jumped has already been imported everything and we do not touch anything and we are re directed to what the page is main here of the topic well look at it whats up magic We turned that ugly place into this piece of place where I can leads show the product animations Peoples comments as you can see is amazing selling tables for power sell the products or if there are different plans and this is it modifiable one hundred percent so you can change colors you can change remove images and I recommend the same images to have the Measure them properly so I hope this has been liked and now but you are not subscribed yet come to give the button here to the ugly uncle this that comes out of the face and here is a list very interesting reproduction and I also leave you a video that I dont have you can lose so come see you later friend [Music]

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