Eloquent JavaScript

Book by Marijn Haverbeke

Marijn Haverbeke Self-employed

JavaScript is at the heart of almost every modern web app, from social apps like Twitter to browser-based game frameworks like Phaser and Babylon. While simple for beginners to learn and play with, JavaScript is a flexible and complex language that you can use to build large-scale applications.

This highly anticipated and completely revised third edition of Eloquent JavaScript delves into the JavaScript language to show you how to write beautiful and effective code. It has been updated to reflect the current state of Java¬Script and web browsers, and includes completely new material on features such as class notation, arrow functions, iterators, asynchronous functions, template strings, and block scope. A number of new exercises have also been added to test your skills and keep you on track.

As in previous editions, Haverbeke continues to teach through extensive examples and immerses you in the code from the beginning, while exercises and full-chapter projects provide hands-on experience writing your own programs. You start by learning the basic structure of the JavaScript language, as well as control structures, functions, and data structures to help you write basic programs. You will then learn about error handling and bugfixing, modularity, and asynchronous programming before moving on to web browsers and how JavaScript is used to program them. By building projects such as an artificial life simulation, a simple programming language, and a paint program, you will learn how to.

Eloquent JavaScript PDF

This book is a work of art. Note, reader, this is not a beginner's guide to JS! The difficulty grows VERY quickly after the first few chapters. I must admit that the author strains a lot (sometimes unnecessarily) when it comes to giving examples. The exercises are difficult and really make you delve into the language. This is a book for JS enthusiasts looking to hone and develop an IT mentality. This book emphasizes and rewards clean and concise solutions. A great addition to your arsenal. One star minus because of the unnecessary bending that occurs in almost every chapter!