Kubernetes in action

Book by Marko Luksa

Marko Luksa Software Engineer

Kubernetes in Action is a comprehensive guide to effectively developing and running applications in Kubernetes environments.

This book provides an overview of container technologies such as Docker before diving into Kubernetes. It includes how to create a container, so readers new to these technologies can get started.

About Kubernetes in Action

Kubernetes means "helmsman" in Greek and guides us through uncharted waters. The Kubernetes container orchestration system securely manages the structure and flow of distributed applications, orchestrating containers and services for maximum efficiency. Kubernetes acts as the operating system for your cluster, removing the need to include the underlying network and server infrastructure in your design. About the book

Kubernetes in Action shows how to use Kubernetes to deploy container-based distributed applications. Before creating his first Kubernetes cluster, let's start with an overview of Docker and Kubernetes. Gradually extend the initial application, adding functionality and increasing your knowledge of Kubernetes architecture and operations. Explore key topics such as monitoring, tuning, and scaling as you navigate this comprehensive guide.

Kubernetes in Action book contents

  • Inside Kubernetes
  • Deploy a container to your cluster
  • secure cluster
  • Update your application without downtime

Who is it for

It is written for advanced software developers with little or no familiarity with Docker or container orchestration systems. About the author Marko Luksa is a Red Hat engineer working on Kubernetes and OpenShift.

This book has it all. The easier it is to read, the more chatty it is, but the harder it is, the denser it is. What you put out is what you put in. It is recommended to read using a highlighter pen. This is because on almost every page you read something that actually jumps off the page.

It's a little old now. Although this book primarily covers Kubernetes 1.7-1.9, I am using Kubernetes 1.16 at the time of writing this article. I was checking the author's Twitter to see if he was working on a second edition when I spotted a comment he wrote about review ratings. Well, I appreciate the effort you obviously put into this book.

We maintained a rigorous pace of one chapter a day, taking about two hours per chapter. Well, I read very carefully and tried to internalize every word, so it won't take too long. My friend read it at the same time as me and he was able to sit down and read four chapters in one night.