Digital Out-Of-Home cloud based platform: MITRIX Technology Web Development project at Qualified.One

Digital Out-Of-Home cloud based platform by MITRIX Technology

Some details

This is a digital marketing technology that displays ads at Digital Signage and social Wi-Fi interface. It is an essential tool for organizations and professionals who want to gain a new target audience. The objective of the client was to develop a sophisticated digital out-of-home platform that can create, control, and display digital ads across various devices like computers, smartphones, televisions, and tablets. The

platform is web-based, plus it has an app for android devices. Both accounts should be interconnected with hardware like TV boxes which transmit sound and images. The mobile app is customized for android based TV boxes. It can be updated manually or automatically, it adds caching for slides, improves the stability of transmission and allowing users to add a schedule by offering extended server controls.
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