Health Q: Vog App Developers Design project at Qualified.One

Health Q by Vog App Developers

Some details

Health Q Technologies is a high-tech company combining skills from various disciplines to provide solutions in the digital health and wellness space.

The Challenge

Create a reminder app, developed by physicians and nurses to help you and your family keep your health care needs organized, centralized, and easy to access.

The Solution

HealthQ lets you view personalized screening

test recommendations, create medication reminders, track immunizations and much more. It',s an all-in-one resource to keep your health care in check. All of the recommendations in this app are based on guidelines from the Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care, the Alberta Screening and Prevention Program and Toward Optimized Practice.  Why We Are Not Your Average Mobile Development Company:

Our approach allows our clients to have easy access to our outstanding and collaborative process while we create digital strategies &, solutions that add value to your business. Our team works in-office and we never outsource.

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