A digital transformation process for change management: BeHappy Design project at Qualified.One

A digital transformation process for change management by BeHappy

Some details


NOOA is a digital transformation project for change management. A consulting company, specialized in change management, from Finland reached out to us. One of the main problems they were facing was resistance to change. Big firms have procedures deeply assumed and employees won’t participate easily in a process that most of the time meant trouble for them, and sometimes was even

considered a threat. The higher management couldn’t communicate the benefits of the change to middle managers and employees. We were asked to design a digital service that could handle this change process and engage the users effectively.


BeHappy created a service, NOOA, that could connect the interests of the employees with the interest of the company, helping both to understand and embrace change. The digital transformation of the change management was not just a digital version of the old procedure, but a completely new strategy developed from scratch to implement the know-how into a new platform that could take advantage of the digital opportunities that the offline world can’t provide.


Read about the project here.



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