Clairefontaine E-Catalogue Development: MX/COM Branding project at Qualified.One

Clairefontaine E-Catalogue Development by MX/COM

Some details

Clairefontaine, founded in 1858, has three main activities today: the production of paper, envelopes and notebooks. The company, known worldwide and producing 165,000 tons of paper per year, renews its product range every year. Clairefontaine supplies products related to creative leisure activities, licensed notebooks, fine arts, gift wrap, notebooks and paper, with different annual collections.

It is in this context

of making very rich new products available on a regular basis that Clairefontaine needed to distribute its product catalogue to as many people as possible, including digitally. Maxime Jacob, founder of MX/COM, created the interactive catalogue for Clairefontaine.

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