ACH Aeronefs Website Development: MX/COM Branding project at Qualified.One

ACH Aeronefs Website Development by MX/COM

Some details

The Hamache Developpement holding company groups two entities: ACH Aéronéronautique and New Design',Air. The first is a company specialized since 1977 in the fitting out of aircraft interiors (airliners, business jets, helicopters...) which offers its expertise in aeronautical upholstery to produce a fitting of excellence, high quality and comfort. The second is specialized in cabin fittings and carries out the conception and

design of the composite, cabinet making, painting, varnishing and cladding.

Maxime Jacob, founder of MX/COM, created their website with an emphasis on design and visuals. In addition to brand image quality objectives, the site had to visually present the specialties and professions practiced by ACH Aircraft and New Design',Air.

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