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56 Degrees UI/UX Design services in London

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They take creative license as a designer by suggesting good looking options and more slick functionalities.

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UI/UX Design costs at 56 Degrees

BASIC: UP TO $10,000

  • Simple interface
  • Sketching
  • Graphic interface
  • Basic prototype

STARTER: $10,000—$50,000

  • Interface architecture
  • Sketching & Wireframes
  • Dynamic prototype
  • Graphic interface
  • Animation prototype

INTERMEDIATE: $50,000—$200,000

  • Dedicated manager
  • UX/UI consulting
  • Interface architecture
  • Sketching & Wireframes
  • Dynamic prototype
  • Graphic interface
  • Animation prototype
  • UI guidelines

56 Degrees key services in London

56 Degrees mobile application design in London

Creating the best of the best app UI design is a hard work - though a beloved one. With high-skilled 56 Degrees app designers you are 100% sure that you get an outstanding design solution that diligently serves your business needs.

UI UX design 56 Degrees

Strenghtening positions in London, we aim to the United Kingdom market. In 56 Degrees we believe the target shoul be slightly above your height. This makes us obsessed with continious improvement.

56 Degrees user experience designers: best in London

Whether you are seeking for an experienced UX researcher in London or need a customized dashboard design, 56 Degrees will provide the high-level expertize and service level that is recognized all across the United Kingdom.

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Best UI/UX Design agency 56 Degrees in London

“56 Degrees were tasked with transferring our data heavy, Python based website to WordPress. We were impressed by their attention to detail and patience throughout this complex migration. The project was a huge success and we are delighted with the result

User experience design in London

The UX designers are those in charge of your mobile app being user-friendly, easy and straightforward to use. In United Kingdom mobile applications are probably the most frequent objects they deal with, but not the only ones: web interface, website or your TV admin console are good examples as well.

London mobile app design

Design itself has a broad list of meanings. Sometimes the creation of style, imagery and other visual elements mixes with the UX design as such. In London there are experts specializing on both. If you aim to develop a high-load app for all United Kingdom (and have enough budget), it is worth considering two separate roles: a UX app designer to create the structure, and a UI designer to make it stylish and perfectly-looking.

United Kingdom user interface design

UI is not just about making websites sweet and fancy, notwithstanding it also is not equal to user experience. United Kingdom app designers in London show a great example of the variety of UI:

  • Application design
  • App prototyping
  • Dashboard design
  • Interface design
  • UI UX web design

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56 Degrees is a London based web development studio which makes a vision into a reality. We design build and maintain beautiful websites and web apps for corporate and SME clients. Established in 2010 weve developed a multidisciplinary flexible and collaborative approach as weve grown but at our heart we thrive on solving our clients problems.

Were highly competent in a broad range of tech from WordPress and WooCommerce to J Query and Magento so you can have the solution that best suits your needs. Working with your own preferred agency or bringing our own design partner to the project were proud to bring to life the visions of brilliant creative designers.

We have helped many businesses to reduce maintenance costs take back control and improve site performance with easy to use CMS (content management systems) training packages and ongoing support. Utilising platforms including WordPress WooCommerce and Magento as well as building bespoke applications using Laravel and Vue.js your website is developed to suit your needs rather than being an off-the-shelf solution.

Prioritising quality of work and great client service has earned us a strong reputation for no trickery no drama. Our work has brought clients to us but the relationship we build through delivering the work is what keeps them with us in the long run.

No two businesses are the same and thats why yours deserves more than an off the shelf solution. Our team has experience industry know-how and creativity in design development and marketing. We use all of these assets to create the best possible website to achieve your goals.

We work as an extension of your team at your disposal as you need us. We can create a website that is simple to manage in-house or you can outsource the ongoing management to us to keep it in the best condition. Think of us as your trusted web partner here for your online needs.

Often there can be a gap between the original brief and the finalised project. However in our eyes its not complete until it works the way you want it to. We take your business objectives very seriously and each solution is crafted in detail to meet your expectations.

Good web development shouldnt be cost prohibitive. Despite having senior and experienced designers and developers we dont need flashy offices to deliver great service. Working to a budget shouldnt limit you to second-rate talent.