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Custom Developed Mobile App for a Startup in the Utility and Construction Industry by Ballard Chalmers Ltd

Some details


The original AppCan system was based on web sites and APIs built using .NET and SQL Server deployed on Microsoft Azure together with a Mobile app developed in Objective-C for iOS devices. 

The Mobile app had several limitations and the app needed to be redeveloped to work cross-platform with as much shared code as possible. The new app needed to use the same API as the existing iOS app

used so that it could be introduced without change to the Azure API and web sites and have the same functionality as the current version of the iOS app.



The technology behind the AppCan solution is: 

.NET Web applications on Azure App Services: For customer specific web sites and the central administration web site Xamarin Forms Mobile App supporting both iOS and Android platforms

.NET Web API on Azure App Services: APIs used by mobile devices for sharing data

Azure File Service: Cloud-based file system for storing documents and images

SQL Azure: Cloud-based database holding the master data for the system C#, T-SQL, JavaScript and XQuery programming languages.

The system is designed as a serverless Azure application, so there is no need to patch or manage servers. It is designed to auto-scale out to multiple physical servers as load increases, with SQL Azure that can be scaled up and down as load dictates.


“Full credit goes to the developers and management of our development partner, who fully understood the requirements and delivered this project with remarkable speed. They made it a completely painless process and that gave us all the confidence that AppCan XP was going to be very successful.The feedback from users has been incredible, as it is not only much faster in its use, but also brings new essential features, including Photo markups and automated filing of records into the document folders.” 
Managing Director, AppCan

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