A SharePoint Solution for Non-Profit, Young Epilepsy: Ballard Chalmers Ltd App Development project at Qualified.One

A SharePoint Solution for Non-Profit, Young Epilepsy by Ballard Chalmers Ltd

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From March 2014, Young Epilepsy had been utilising a SharePoint 2013 application for its Incident Reporting System (IRS). 

This replaced and upgraded an earlier non-SharePoint system. Utilising SharePoint allowed the organisation to manage the safety and wellbeing of their clients in one place, though they had identified outstanding issues inherited from the earlier system that were

influencing its SharePoint IRS. 

Additionally it needed to implement enhancements necessary to meet operational requirements and so contacted Ballard Chalmers to help.



In 2015 Ballard Chalmers completed the Phase I refinements work on Young Epilepsy’s IRS. Further to this it was identified that other enhancements could be made to help improve the system. 

Once this was completed there was a Phase II of development undertaken which included carrying out a major refactoring of the data schema.

Phase III concluded during February 2017 and included a new Red-Amber-Green (RAG) rating system for incidents, further enhancing the ability to respond correctly and timely to those incidents of most concern. 

These changes positively impacted everyone in this unique organisation. Commissioners and key stakeholders particularly report increased visibility and control over incident management.


Ballard Chalmers and Young Epilepsy have an ongoing relationship, which has seen the two organisations work together on several projects now, including SharePoint Intranet design consultancy, and website and software support plus maintenance.

“Ballard Chalmers provide us with specialist development, advice and support, and integrate well with our in-house Information Services Team. We find everyone at Ballard Chalmers very personable, professional and highly skilled. Their work with us has had a good balance of corporate professionalism and personal engagement. We have appreciated their sympathy to our work in the ‘not for profit’ sector.“ - Head of IT Services, Young Epilepsy

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