Automation testing framework built from scratch for e-Builder: Ciklum eCommerce Development project at Qualified.One

Automation testing framework built from scratch for e-Builder by Ciklum

Some details


e-Builder is a cloud-based, construction program management solution for capital projects. It allows owners to measure and manage every step of the capital project delivery process. After several unsuccessful collaborations with different vendors, e-Builder contacted Ciklum to help increase product quality through continuous quality measurement and results reporting using an automation testing

framework built from the ground up. 


To ensure provision of a solution that would enable e-Builder to meet their goals, the Ciklum QA team proposed a three-phase approach:

- Discovery and Planning

- Implementation and Testing

- Building CI and Support


- The test regression suite has grown from 250 manual test cases to 2,000 automated test cases

- New features and fixes are now released faster and with greater quality

- Around $15K a month is saved due to the automation of the auto regression suite, which was previously executed manually

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