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HowDidWeDo? Customer Feedback App by Exploding Phone

Some details

The How Did We Do? original design brief specified iOS and Android apps for tablets and mobile devices to enable customers and other stakeholders to post feedback about their experiences via comments, ratings and photographs. As the project evolved the client identified a wider range of use scenarios and phase two of the project added the ability to customise the app to support virtually any visit based experience, and to allow

the client’s app administrators to edit questions, etc., via a web based portal.

Information gathered by the app is uploaded to multiple databases with comments, answers and ratings being stored on the client’s servers while images are stored in Amazon’s AWS cloud service. This necessitated building a system that authenticated to the AWS server without the user having to enter login details, and linking the images back to the core database with a unique key generated by the Amazon server.

Information is collated and presented via a dashboard enabling management to identify and mitigate potential customer satisfaction issues in a timely fashion. The data has also allowed senior management to directly engage with customers with highly positive outputs for each party.

The project was characterised by a high degree of flexibility, co-operation and growing trust as the client evolved its ideas and goals during the design and development process.

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