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WorkSafe Training Systems Portal by Exploding Phone

Some details

WorkSafe Training Systems is an independent services provider offering work place related training, co-ordination and support for instructors. This includes providing the training materials, qualification cards and certificates required to run a successful course.

WorkSafe has an online portal which instructors use to provide details of the courses they are planning to run. Once a course has concluded the instructors

submit the details of the students who attended and this information is used by WorkSafe to generate and post certificates.

The portal allows students to register and leave feedback on their course, along with registering for ongoing updates and reminders. The portal also provides a repository for custom resources from which instructors and students can access and download relevant documents.

The portal provides WorkSafe’s administrators full access to information entered by instructors and students. Additionally, WorkSafe’s staff can upload and manage the resources available for download by the portal users.

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