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HOPS Labour Solutions Recruitment and Placement Portal by Exploding Phone

Some details

HOPS Labour Solutions Ltd. is a leading UK horticultural and agricultural recruitment specialist and temporary labour provider. HOPS required a cloud-based system to maintain details about farms, applicants, workers and recruiting agents. The system needed be accessible by HOPS users, farms, agents, applicants/workers and 3rd parties to view records of workers, to provide analysis and billing data and to manage the staffing

requirements of the farms.

The portal uses a responsive web design approach to provide a high quality experience on virtually any screen size and platform. The portal enables farms to make workgroup requests, for HOPS to validate the request and then allocate placements to their international agents who provide the required workforce for the farms. Workers can view placements, and upload necessary documents via the system. The system therefore needed to support multiple access levels so a robust Role Based Access Control system was implemented. The portal also needed to be highly intuitive to users with limited IT literacy and English language skills. The reporting system has been extended with advanced data filtering and searching functionalities and the system is now GDPR compliant.

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