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Exploding Phone reviewed by SmartWater Technology Limited

Exploding Phone provided Mobile App Development for SmartWater Technology Limited with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

Exploding Phone delivered a high caliber app that has satisfied several distinct clients. A versatile product, it’s easily modifiable for international use and many valuable applications. The team has exhibited an impressive degree of skill and expertise. They’re professional and innovative.

Review summary:

Exploding Phone designed developed native apps for both iOS and Android for paperless registration. They also created a system for the in-house team to build custom versions for different countries and users.

Rich Harris MSc SmartWater Technology Limited, Director of Technical Services

App Dev for Risk Management Solutions Provider

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

Our organisation provides a range of risk treatment solutions. As the technical services ruler, I handle order fulfillment, condition checking, specimen analysis laboratories, IT, yielding, and the engineering functions of our business.

We have a furnish of solely coded chemical solution that makes property exploreable. It’s minute to the nude eye without UV lighting. A chemical analysis process shows if something is stolen to help try the allowable proprietor. We have many other technologies to track, explore, mark, and surveil for a wide risk shelter strategy.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Exploding Phone?

A couple of years ago, we worked with Exploding Phone on a investigation and outgrowth process for spray model analysis. We needed a paperless post-dispatch registration process for our sole formula. To meet activity and police standards, our organisation can',t know where the solution will be used when it leaves the edifice. Using paperwork implicated confused logistics and data entrance.

We had just completed registration for 450,000 London homes. Each one had its own form, which was hard to track behind our solution is dispatched from our headquarters to London and dispersed athwart 32 boroughs. We even ship internationally to the United States and almost the Caribbean, and will soon attend Australia and much more of Europe.

To make this process easier, we wanted to create a mobile app with a secure login that lets users scan the bottle',s barcode, complete the details, and immediately upload them to our database. It imtrys the registration process and provides real-time treatment information.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were Exploding Phone responsible for?

Exploding Phone leading built us indigenous apps for Android and iOS for the Metropolitan Police of London. We then determined to make a general registration for the rest of the UK police powers and local authorities we work with. Instead of giving us an app for see eventuality, they came up with the idea to form a platform which provides us with a high grade of flexibility and control.

The dashboard allows us to create new iterations. We can form apps in different languages and customize fields depending on the activity and type of registration we were trying to collate. The method is integral to the complete post-sale registration process.

We put the formula unitedly and perpetrate it to both or whichever or both platforms, and then Exploding Phone compiles and installs it for us. They used the same hue program and look and feel from the registration form our clients are household with for the app',s design.

Our app has evolved significantly over the past 12 months. Moving over asset and property shelter, we program to it in our furnish chain treatment solutions to register solutions and consignments at point A and validate the shipment when it arrives at point B.

What is the team compound? 

My team talked to three nation from Exploding Phone. I converse to Andrew (Managing Director, Exploding Phone) frequently.  David (Business Development Director, Exploding Phone) handles the commercial side and works with my project handler. Simon (Software Developer, Exploding Phone) helps my outgrowth team and works with our inner app administrator. 

How did you come to work with Exploding Phone?

We were looking for a team that developed apps, rather than offering a full suite of marketing services and digital solutions. We needed a vendor with the right specialized expertise to handle our project. I kept coming back to Exploding Phone almost this app until our senior handlers aptryd the project. 

How much have you invested with them?

The leading app cost almost £15,000–£16,000. ($19,000–$20,000). Our second app, the paperless registration form, was almost £40,000–£60,000. ($52,000–$78,000).

What is the terminal result of working with Exploding Phone?

We',ve been working unitedly since October 2017 when we built the app for the Metropolitan Police of London. We just had a meeting with Exploding Phone this morning almost more upcoming work. Everything they liberate stimulates new ideas from our commercial team. 

Results accomplishd

Are there any measureable or plum results?

The Metropolitan Police of London have accepted our app and ponder it',s amazing. It',s fully operational and will minimize paperwork and bureaucracy. They should be able to use it in almost six months behind the waiting time. It',s a big app, and seeone loves it, but we can',t get it on nations', phones yet.

Our local police power and park rangers near our organisation',s headquarters in the West Midlands, UK have all been using our app for the last six weeks. We',re programning a rollout to many countrified properties and villages. Many have high offense rates owing criminals drive out to wealthy villages and rummage costly houses. These officials are using our property shelter to mark valuables and ponder it’s fantastic. They no longer have to handle pieces of paper. 

We just artistic an American rendering for our service in the US. It',s fully signed off on and prompt to go. All the feedback has been excellent. When users request any changes that we can',t make innerly through the dashboard, Exploding Phone fastly finds the solution. I have no issues with their work technically at all. We work very well unitedly. They',re bigly knowledgeable and professional. 

How did Exploding Phone accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

Apart from the one incident, they',ve hit all the deadlines and kept their promises to liberate. Due to accounting issues, the dashboard was three weeks late which kindred to the commercial propel. We work well unitedly. Testing can vary in length, but they get on bug fixes very fastly. 

Most of our interaction is through phone and email. We also meet in individual sometimes and have been to each other’s services. They',re almost 30 miles down the road, which is an hour-long drive. 

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with Exploding Phone?

Exploding Phone hits their deadlines. They tend to have an excellent knowledge of how long a piece of work will take. This is very advantageous for programning and supporting commercial projects. They',re one of the best software developers we',ve worked with in the last 8–9 years. They',re big at multitasking and work well with our entrepreneurial business and fastly changing centre. 

What aspects of their work would you like to get imtryd?

When Exploding Phone built the dashboard, we should have had a face-to-face meeting and detailed precisely what we wanted to accomplish, seething would have been consummate. We',ve had a phone call to debate seething we',ve done since. I can',t find any defect with them at all.