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Daniel Dimitrov Software Developer

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Daniel Dimitrov Software Developer
Denitsa Paskova Web Administrator
Elitsa Draganova Quality Assurance
Gergana Miteva Data Analyst
Gilad Kfir Cloud Specialist
Irakli Murusidze Senior Software Engineer
Ivelin Evtimov Developer
Lora Draganova Data Analyst
Nevin Ismailova BPO Manager
Nutfie Ismailova PHP Developer

About Flat Rock Technology Design company in London, United Kingdom

Flat Rock Technology is a leading software development company that serves as a reliable partner to businesses since 2008. We offer software development, cloud management and outsourcing solutions to all-sized companies around the world.

UK: +44 (0)20 7250 4778

BG: +359 52 63 63 17

NL: +31 (0) 20 888 1515

GE: +995 322 29 10 00


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Were extremely proud of how far we have come and how many clients we have helped over the years.

We want to make applications accessible to everyone that has something to say or to sell.

We aim to release all that is good in terms of ideas and creativity.

Our processes ensure that our services are aligned with the industry standards.

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Some of the key measures that we have taken so far are:

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Our company operates from three locations - London, Varna, and Tbilisi and unites more than 150 highly skilled professionals. Our people, location and structure allow us to offer an integrated approach and deliver exceptional results at every stage of the