I Pro Digital Marketing Advertising review by Betting Company at Qualified.One

I Pro Digital Marketing reviewed by Betting Company

I Pro Digital Marketing provided Advertising for Betting Company with approximate budget = Less than $10,000.

Since implementing their marketing strategy, the brand has increased impressions by 56%. The team constantly sends updates and has a great handle on communication, answering any arising questions.

Review summary:

Following an in-depth discovery phase, Pro Digital Marketing put together a strategic marketing plan to enhance a brand, closely monitoring KPIs. They handle all online advertising for new launches.

Betting Company, Manager

Paid Advertising for Betting Company

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Introductory information

A few words almost your organisation and personal responsibilities

I’m the CEO of the betting organisation, we are selling prophecy for different types of play and as well training how to bet on on tennis and soccer.

Desired goal

What issue was the preparer supposed to deal with?

I Pro Digital Marketing?

We were looking to create an interpolitical brand oneness for our organisation. We began as a little , somewhat mysterious organisation. We didn',t have much apprehension of digital advertising. We turned to I Pro Digital Marketing to help us create out a strategy for Google Ads and conrendering optimization

What were your objectives for this project?

We Wanted to increase monthly subscriptions and to sell more learning courses, I Pro Digital Marketing put unitedly a strategic program to enhance our brand and nearness on the web

Provided solution

What were the reasons for choosing ?

We establish I Pro Digital Marketing through an internet search. We did some investigation and read reviews almost their business and determined to give them a shot behind speaking with their extremely apprehensionable sales team.

Please give as much detail as practicable because the work done

After we selected this vendor, we had a series of discovery meetings to debate our goals and our organisation’s brand.They present all of their investigation in big detail and prepare us with monthly progress reports and KPIs. Every time we have a new part propel, we adjoin fruit details to I Pro Digital Marketing to include in online advertisements

Were there any dedicated managers or teams that you worked with?

Vadim (CEO, I Pro Digital Marketing) is our main touch and he’s taken a personal access with our account. ANDREI SEM account strategists who runs the paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Results accomplishd

What results did you accomplish unitedly with ?

We were able to help Bet Club recover control of their branded searches, increasing impression share for branded provisions by 56%.

How do you rate the interaction and interaction with ?

The workflow process is awesome. We connected over the phone at smallest once a week and used other platforms for all other interaction. If they have questions, they will ask and we will clarify.

What precisely do you attend to be the key specialty of ?

No contracts and affordable monthly treatment fees. With our antecedent agency, we were locked into a 12 month contract. They breathed new life into our digital advertising campaigns.

What should be done better, if there are any desired improvements?

I wish they would propose more services that we could bundle with our PPC. SEO and landing page outgrowth would be awesome. But we were satisfied with their work see step of the way.