GuardRails Helps to Establish DevSecOps with Automated Security Reviews: Mad Devs App Development project at Qualified.One

GuardRails Helps to Establish DevSecOps with Automated Security Reviews by Mad Devs

Some details

Mad Devs was involved with the Guardrails', security check service as a development contractor with exceptional knowledge of GitHub &, GitLab processes.

GuardRails uses open source tools and libraries to check dependencies and detect security issues and vulnerabilities. It has 800+ software development teams using it officially on GitHub and is rapidly gaining popularity on GitLab. The number of

enterprise customers is also steadily increasing, especially since the release of an on-premise version of GuardRails.

As we at Mad Devs live and breathe automation and optimization, GuardRails was one of the most desired projects for our team to work on. Creation of powerful tools for developers means gaining more trust and respect in the community, so when we started to collaborate with client, our entire team was excited about the many cool things we could implement together.

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