GoDee is a start-up project that offers booking seats on a bus online.: Mad Devs App Development project at Qualified.One

GoDee is a start-up project that offers booking seats on a bus online. by Mad Devs

Some details

GoDee Builds New Public Transport Habits in Vietnam. It re-invents public mobility by building a new and smarter way of a daily commute.Mad Devs started to consult GoDee at the early stage of this project assisting with the choice of the technology stack and step-by-step planning. Then a number of our positively mad developers started to work on the GoDee’s smart urban bus management system as a team.


project includes mobile applications for drivers (Android) and passengers (Android, iOS). A Django web panel is used for business purposes to create routes, get reports and show current active routes on a map. We have also added the predictor functionality that calculates estimated arrival time for a bus on this or that route. It helps our passengers check if the requested bus arrives on time, taking into account traffic jams. Referral programs are available to all passengers - everyone is eligible to get benefits for recommending GoDee to their friends. As cashless payments are becoming more and more popular in Vietnam, we have integrated Stripe service into GoDee enabling the passengers pay with credit cards easily and quickly. We have also developed an API for flawless third-party service integration. Depending on passengers’ requests, the system allows drivers to build the best possible routes automatically. If there are no orders from passengers, drivers will skip the empty bus stop along the way.

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