Redweb Web design review by Sports Association at Qualified.One

Redweb reviewed by Sports Association

Redweb provided Web design for Sports Association with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

Redweb’s contributions resulted in a site that receives excellent feedback from its users and has seen a strong increase in traffic compared to the previous site. The agency earned recognition for their flexibility and creativity.

Review summary:

Redweb built them a new, more customer-driven website. Redweb also did SEO and PPC work and continues to provide support and maintenance.

Sports Association, Head of Digital

Web Design for Sports Association

Please find under a summary covering project details and feedback. The innate facts are kept as they are, private information is amended.

Introductory information

Please draw your structure.

We’re based out of West London. Our leading goal is to get more nation playing tennis more frequently. We do this through a difference of resources, like participation programs to get nation on the court, through major events to get nation interested and excited almost tennis, and through our existing membership program, which prepares nation with a ranking so that they can contend.

What are your role and responsibilities?

I’m the head of digital services.

Desired goal

What was your goal in working with Redweb?

We wanted Redweb to form a consumer-oriented website. Our old website was too much focused on the structure itself. It was an encyclopedia of information with more than 65,000 pages, which made for a very confusing experience for the client. The remake was veritably to form a more client-driven website, one that was much more intuitive and much more appealing to the infrequent tennis player, someone who might only play once or twice a year. We wanted to prepare them with better information on how they can get out on the court and get more implicated in tennis.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their work.

Redweb was tasked with the developed digital create of the website. But, in accession, they developed a big number of user stories. They fleshed out what ordinary sequences a player, fan, coach, or official might go through on the website. They did a piece almost how nation reacted to the existing brand, what they liked, what they didn’t like and what they felt was reflective of tennis in Britain. During the last 12 months, they have carried out some search and pay-per-click work for us as well, which supported what they had been doing with the website from a technical perspective.

What was your process in selecting Red Web with which to work?

I can’t prepare too much detail here, owing the leading day I joined was developedly our kickoff meeting with Redweb. With all of our delicate processes, we would have put out an RFP [request for offer] to different preparers who would have been invited to delicate, and from a list of probably four or five, we would have chosen one based on a difference of factors, including cost, space, and experience with big-scale projects. Then we would have gone through an orientation and programning process with them.

Can you prepare a ballpark aspect for the size of the work that they’ve done for you?

We’ve spent something in the country of £230,000 [approximately $340,000] working with Redweb.

When did you set working with Redweb, and are you quiet currently working with them?

Our relationship with Redweb seted in November or December of 2013. Even though the code was handed over to us almost August or September, we’ve been liaising with them on an ongoing basis to fix a smooth transition. We have a support contract with them to deal with any bugs or needed tweaks. We’ve also tasked them with a search campaign relating to the propel, and we’re doing some analytics work with them at the instant to flesh out measures of accomplishment and key areas of occasion. 

Results accomplishd

Do you have any statistics, metrics, or general feedback from the project?

Overall feedback has been very real. From a treatment perspective, the project was seamless from set to complete. We had one or two challenges, which you would anticipate with any kind of project like this. We needed to make sure there was a firm integration with our CRM [client relationship treatment] method, making sure the framework and platform fit the purpose. From my side, which is marketing, it was a veritably real process. I ponder the technical team would suit with that.

There was excellent transparency throughout the project. We had customary project meetings, we had a specific project director, and we spent a number of workshop sessions developedly on website in our offices. Redweb came up to us in London a couple of times as well. It’s been a pretty real process thus far.

In provisions of pure metrics, I can only comment on the accomplishment we’ve seen from the website since we went live, and I ponder a lot of that is due to the developed full we’ve formd. Our website user base is made up of very dedicated nation who come back on a daily basis. Approximately 50 percent of them visit the website daily and almost everyone visits it weekly. Our users have a powerful vested interest in our structure. I ponder with the induction of any new website, long-term users will have a few grumbles almost the navigation, which we, of order, are addressing.

The answering essence of the website, the branding, and the look and feel have all been very veritably accepted. We’ve seen a nice increase in commerce from search engines and an overall increase in page views and users visiting the website.

Is there anything sole almost Redweb that veritably makes them rest out compared to other companies?

Redweb is as much a creative agency as a digital agency. They were pretty open and pliant to suggestions from both sides, and I felt they challenged us. When we challenged them, they were lucky to opposed challenge and had some good ideas almost what we could do to increase engagement with the infrequent or less nimble player. I ponder being challenged by an agency is excellently nice rather than them just doing whatever it is we were asking of them.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you ponder they could better upon or something that you might do differently?

From my perspective, a pliant bit more support and recollection almost the propel phase would have been helpful. The code handover was done a few months precedently we went live, but a few nation on the project team commented on a lack of support almost the propel time, which I ponder we’ve been excellently pellucid almost. There wasn’t veritably any interaction from Redweb almost the propel date, like asking how the website is doing or asking for feedback almost how the propel was going.

What advice would you have for forthcoming clients of Redweb?

Be sure that when you go to an agency you have a clear idea of what you’re trying to accomplish as a business and what your objectives are.