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Custom product preview by UNL Solutions LTD

Some details


The client is a printing boutique that sells custom pictures and images. Customers can visit the store, view images, choose the one they like and get it printed as a picture.

At some moment the client felt that his business needed a refreshment to reignite the clients’ interest in boutique',s services. Our client wanted to stay on the curve and attract more customers with the help of unique experience

that his boutique could offer. He looked to implement the functionality which would allow tailoring pictures to customers', preferences.

Our solution

Our team created a custom preview module which allows store visitors to customize pictures by applying filters and effects and displays the enhancements in real-time within a single image window.

Customizing options turned out to be truly all-embracing. The customers can order fully tailor-made pieces of art ready to be hung on the wall. The oprions include:

Crop the area of the image

Apply text, border and shape mask

Choose type of canvas (diploid, triploid)

Select type of hanging

Choose type, size and color of framing

Add creative effects like Black &, White, Sepia Tone, Solarize, Pop Art etc.

Supports different image formats .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp


We delivered the turnkey solution to the client and assisted with its integration into his store. The client reported numerous grateful reviews and increased turnover. 

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