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Biorails by UNL Solutions LTD

Some details


The client is a UK-based supplier of knowledge-based healthcare solutions aimed to improve the data management process of laboratories and medical research centers. Their flagship product – BioRails – needed functionality enhancement and significant customization.

The client lacked Ruby capacity to meet the deadline. They also had a fixed budget, and there was a constant risk of overrunning it because

of a high turnover. We provided 2 developers and a QA specialist on a dedicated basis for a long term to implement the inventory module of BioRails product.

Our solution

Our developers joined the client’s core team taking on the tasks that the Project Manager based in the UK assigned to them. Right off the bat, we set effective communication within the team. Our developers quickly gained a deep understanding of the product.

The development was split into 2-week sprints. Each sprint resulted in a working demo version of the module. The client was able to adjust the scope of work on the go without breaking the deadline.


Our developers successfully led the module to the release stage and delivered it to the client. BioRails Inventory module was seamlessly integrated into BioRails core functionality and customized for the end clients.

Upon the project launch, the client scaled down the team to 1 developer for further support of the module.

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