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Redmine plug-in by UNL Solutions LTD

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Client’s challenge
Our regular client looked to enhance his project management process via a custom Redmine plug-in. They needed a solution would provide only essential project data, combine functionality, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. 

We put together a list of requirements and assets that the client wanted to get in the outcome, and once

the scope and budget were agreed the team set to work. The feature list included:
•    custom reports to track how fast the tasks are proceeded and completed
•    view statistics on average time spent on each task
•    timeline
•    sorting tasks by status/date/priority
•    integration with external systems
•    dashboard to view visualised graphics 

The delivered plug-in facilitates managing project tasks, data processing and helps to keep track of multiple projects via detailed and timely reports. Most importantly it provides the very needed functionality that allows to keep all company’s projects under control and effectively manage even distributed and multiple development teams. 

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