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Icarus Rentals by COPE Digital Agency Athens

Some details

The newly established company Icarus Rentals contacted us to create its entire marketing strategy for both its physical and digital stores. We started by creating a logo, its business cards, signs and all the necessary visuals to define the brand. Once this was finalised, we continued with designing and developing the website that would compliment the brand and attract visitors who were ready to book their rental.

Icarus is primarily targeted at tourists who visit Athens and are looking to rent a means of transport for their holidays. Having the necessary information, we have been investigating to find out how users are looking for the company’s services. By finding the keywords that people use in their searches on Google, we built the site to rank high on the first page of Google based on the following features:

  • SEO-friendly structure for high ranking in search engine results.
  • Responsive Design on desktops, laptops, ios and android devices.
  • Modern design. Friendly and easy to use.
  • Online Booking system. For immediate and easy availability of the service.

After the required research the next step was to create the appropriate content. The goal was to include all the necessary information and at the same time to contain the ingredients Google asks to give priority to the search engine. Marketer writes the texts so they can convince the visitor to become a customer, while SEO Specialist ensures high rankings.

Google AdWords – Targeted ads with results!

By creating the appropriate advertising campaigns for all the keywords we were interested in, we increased our site visitors by 70% more. Then, with daily optimization of ads, within a very short timeframe, we achieved the ideal rating for Ad relevance, Landing Page experience and Expected CTR. In this way, we have reduced and continue to significantly reduce costs per click.

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