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We are an Internet Marketing Services Agency and Professional SEO Consultants in the city of Ludhiana Punjab India. With over 5 Years of experience in this field we now offer expert SEO Consulting Services and profit-making Digital Marketing Services for small businesses worldwide in countries such as India Canada USA UK UAE Singapore and Australia. We implement solutions proven to increase leads and sales differentiate your brand in the marketplace and optimize your marketing costs. We mostly focus on generating revenue for our clients implementing a complete marketing life cycle and sales strategies that provide an increased ROI by using a combination of digital channels. We have already generated over a million in sales for our customers in the e-commerce industries and over a thousand leads for our customers in the service industries through SEO Social Media and PPC advertising services

We assume you already know about advertising and marketing in the online industry however we welcome you as our partner we would love to take all of your inquiries and promotional activities as our business because we know what expenditure means for you and your business. We are here only to help you reach your goals and increase your profits. Our one simple strategy is no-nonsense no big talks no secrets and no commitments and our philosophy is crystal clear if we just do the right thing something good will definitely come out of it. Success has no date no day and no target. We only need the courage to start and passion to keep going and results definitely come at the right time. We work in the right direction to drive results and the results are reflected in analytics and dashboards. We also focus on receiving higher CTR driven by values from target audiences for your business because we simply believe that more click through rates is equal to more lead and more sales.

Every customer is unique with their own taste and flavor and we understand well what works best for each one of our customers. Learning is knowing therefore we take a substantial amount of time to first understand your business your marketing goals and your budget and then we implement strategies. We love the internet and content-based marketing is our passion. Through our years of experience we know what works online and what doesn#39;t. No two businesses are alike so if you are from a different industry our SEO and advertising plans may differ from one or the other. Nevertheless we follow the client-centric approach to retain our customers by creating a positive experience through our effective services and offerings.

The truth about internet marketing is you need a budget to get started. If you are a new business and nobody knows you still you can bump up your business within a matter of days. So how do we do it? We have the right knowledge and the right plan to utilize your budget in the right direction choosing the right digital platform or platforms will eventually scale your business. Today there is so much noise in the digital media industry that it can become overwhelming for you however we can help you strategize your marketing goals and stand out in the crowd.

This Digital Agency was founded by Biplob Dev in the Year 2015 after losing his ERP consulting job on a contract basis to TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) as there were no other new ERP projects in Punjab. Eventually he has to resign because he didn#39;t want to shift to Mumbai. So he left his job and started investing his time and energy on creating a marketing agency named D Cloud Solutions with a vision to grow together by supporting small businesses with emerging digital media and the internet technology.

And over the past 5 years he has worked with several brands in SEO Content Marketing Social Media Marketing and PPC Advertising for clients in Canada and the United States. As an Agency Owner he is actively learning to continuously innovate do market research and keep updated with Google Trends in the digital media industry and to give back to the community at large. He is more interested in implementing business software such as EPP CRM SCM MRP amp; BI Tools such as Tableau and Qlikview and actively participates in software consulting. He holds partnerships with reputed firms for selling and implementing SaaS solutions to small businesses.

Most of the time small businesses are not sure if they really want to hire an in-house Digital Marketing Consultant or hire services from prominent Digital Marketing Companies with years of experience in this field. So it is important to understand what it is that you really want to do. Digital marketing usually takes a lot of different skills from designing programming testing content writing optimizing for web competitive analysis creating sales funnel and identifying digital assets used in the buying funnel for conversions close any gaps and get ahead of competition.

So you need experts who have all the knowledgeable skils sets to drive digital marketing campaigns for your business and it all depends on the size of your company your annual turnover and your budget that indicates whether you would be able to hire internet marketers for your firm. If you have a big team size and you can afford to hire experts such as designer programmer content writer videographer etc. it is better to build your own in-house team and exercise your business goals and plans regularly to grow your business.

However if you are a small business it is profitable for your business to hire a Digital Marketing Company for taking care of all your marketing goals. Hiring a digital marketing company saves thousands of dollars for a small business. It usually proves cost-effective in the long run and your goals become a part of the marketing company. Digital Marketing has wide and diverse areas in the field of marketing so it is essential for you to know what are your goals and where and how to target your audience so an expert consultant can guide you through the whole process with effective Online Marketing Services from brand promotion advertising to lead generation and increase your profit and revenue.

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