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About DeskMoz Business Process Outsourcing company in Jaipur, India

DeskMoz is a pioneer in providing exemplary Live Chat Agents Services at dirt cheap prices! At DeskMoz, we believe in providing best services with an alternative belief system, which says, ‘whatever it takes, let customers be with you!’ With the team of 125+ enthusiastic experts, DeskMoz is a complete package for all of your Desk needs. If you are looking for 24×7 Live Chat Operators, Email Management Service, Tickets-Management, we are here! Experts are here!

For us, all clients are important. We have been working with businesses that have paid us $10 to $100,000 per month! And, we have managed to keep all of them equally happy. Keeping the above vision as our only motto, we discovered DeskMoz.

Unlike our competitors, our Chat Agents are completely in-house & behave like humans, not bots. We know that for your business, customer engagement is an important key to success. Our agents are trained to get the visitors’ contact details without sounding like bots. Each of our agents is recruited after the proper screening, which includes IQ Test, Grammar Test, Typing Speed Test, Chat-Skills Test, & Personal Interview. If they are working for us, they are perfect with all the chat services we are providing to our clients.

Lead Generation 96%

Customer Support 92%

Emails & Ticket Answering 85%

Nothing comes for free! I can sell you anything! Hard Work & Honesty is all I got!

Lets make it systematic and organised. You love that, I love it too!

I am here to make customer support & lead generation the easiest part of your business.

I am still in Office. I want to make sure everyone can sleep well except my agents.

We have come a long way from where we began & still have a lot of growing to do.

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Phone: +91 (0) 141 401 2521

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