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Gtechwebindia Social Media Marketing services in New Delhi

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Social Media Marketing costs at Gtechwebindia

STARTER: $10,000—$50,000

  • Social Media Consulting Services
  • Profile branding
  • Facebook advertisement
  • Instagram ads
  • Content creation
  • Content publishing
  • Paid promotion
  • Monthly reports

BASIC: UP TO $10,000

  • Basic consulting
  • Account creation
  • Facebook advertisement
  • Instagram ads
  • Content publishing

INTERMEDIATE: $50,000—$200,000

  • Dedicated manager
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Research and analysis
  • Profile branding
  • Basic audience research
  • 3+ Buyer personas
  • Twitter promotion
  • Facebook advertisement
  • YouTube promotion
  • Instagram ads
  • Content creation
  • Content publishing
  • Paid promotion
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer outreach
  • Weekly reports

Gtechwebindia key services in New Delhi

Gtechwebindia Social Media Marketing services in New Delhi

We believe the social media is an inseparable, though very young, part of our world. Each member of Gtechwebindia social media marketing team keeps aligned with all the novelties that emerge regularly in this indrustry, be that a new Instagram stories format or a yet another Facebook algorithm update.

Paid social advertising with Gtechwebindia

We provide high-class paid social services. Your ads may be focused on New Delhi audience or be worldwide, involve a certain job, interest or wealth segment.

Gtechwebindia Facebook PPC management

Speaking about Facebook and Instagram in detail, let's note a huge variety of formats and conversion mechanisms offered by these platforms: lead generation forms, brand awareness campaigns, New Delhi-localized and whole India campaigns and others. A thoughtful, creative discussion with client is absolutely critical to make the proper prioritizaton.

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Best Social Media Marketing agency Gtechwebindia in New Delhi

Gtechwebindia, Established in 2009 and we provide best eCommerce data entry services and Digital Marketing services which includes SEO, SMO, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click, Local SEO, Brand promotion, Reputation Management and much more.   We are a

Social media marketing services pricing in New Delhi

Social media usage in India has been significantly increasing last years. A direct consequence is the growing New Delhi demand in social media advertising and marketing in particular. Pricing does not follow this dynamics: the structure of the social media packages offered in New Delhi is quite various. To estimate you social media campaign budget you first need to calculate the numerical goals for the future advertisement and make a short list of the services needed.

Social media marketing strategy in New Delhi

Rough calculations showing future possible results are good at the first stage, but you can't rely on them once your budget exeeds some reasonable value. This is the point where a professional inquiry is necessary. Among all the agencies in India it's worth picking up those who makes strong accent on the preceding strategy planning.

Launch social media marketing campaign in New Delhi

A typical social digital campaign consists of two large pieces: content and promotion. Content may be generated differently: if your social media marketing provider is located in New Delhi, you may order the photo and video production; if not (for instance, they are outside India), you'll have to separate these processes, and the content creation will be on your side (whereas its refining abd publication can be done by agency).

As for the promotion, there are options as well. First, if you have an established, popular account, you'll have some "free" organic reach. Most probably, it won't be sufficient. That is why some sort of social marketing is needed. It can be either PPC via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others, either some kind of influencer campaign.

Paid social marketing in New Delhi

New Delhi Facebook PPC services

The most obvious paid social channel is Facebook pay-per-click ads. Thanks to its worlwide popularity, Facebook can be you social media booster all over the world (and in India for sure). It offers a remarkable targeting opportunities that include "classic" demography, online behavior habits, employment and education data.

Other social media advertising platforms for New Delhi

Apart from the Facebook (and the Instagram which uses he same unified Ads Manager system), you should make a simple research and to pick other appropriatr social media for advertisement:

  • Think about LinkedIn for B2B story;
  • If you have a lot of visual content, Pinterest might be a good choice;
  • Consider Medium for content promotion.

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