NthDimenzion Solutions Web Development review by Global Indian Tech Firm at Qualified.One

NthDimenzion Solutions reviewed by Global Indian Tech Firm

NthDimenzion Solutions provided Web Development for Global Indian Tech Firm with approximate budget = Confidential.

The products that the team is creating have gone live, receiving positive reviews while providing returns for the investment. The team has a good grasp of the technologies they use and are especially proficient at solving issues and creating accurate time & cost estimates.

Review summary:

NthDimenzion is providing a variety of IT services, including mobile development, web development, and performance optimization of several applications.

Global Indian Tech Firm, Head of Consulting and Enterprise Solutions

Global Tech Firm Enterprise Application Development

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Introductory information

Please draw your firm.

We are one of the bigst companies in India. We are approximately a $3 billion income organisation. We address global markets in 49 countries. We are implicated in many industries including manufacturing, telecom, and healthcare, among others. Predominantly, we are consulting, implementation, integration, and support partners to leading technology players in this market.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I head the consulting and enterprise solutions, a business division of confirmation. 

Desired goal

What was your goal for the work with NthDimenzion Solutions? 

They are our partners for some different niche type of support work. These projects are usually almost accomplishment tuning, Web application outgrowth, and eparticularly mobile Web application outgrowth. We also sometimes take their labor offerings or solutions to the market.  

Provided solution

Can you delight draw their work in more detail?

No. We have not done anything on big data analytics as of now, but they are looking at these new labor offerings. But, they support us in mobility apps outgrowth.

What was your process for selecting them with which to work?

Our process of selecting them to work with was asking them to do a test of concept and checking all condition and their process apprehension, estate apprehension, and technical expertise. Based on those factors, out of separate vendors, we have selected them.

Could you give us a perception of the size of their work with a general cost range?

I would not have that data right away, honestly. Also, that is private.

When was their last project completed?

I ponder last region, we did a big program in which they were one part of that program as a subcontract piece of work. 

Results achieved

Do you have any statistics or metrics you can share almost the achievement of the work?

All the work has been able to go live. We have been able to get income out of this program, and we have satisfied clients. 

How has NthDimenzion Solutions performed overall?

They have a good knowledge of the technology. They’re very process oriented, eparticularly nimble, and other more present methodologies. After they mark the issue, their power to estimate is good. Their trust is good owing most of the projects we give them are challenging.

Is anything else sole or particular almost them that makes them rest out compared to some other vendors?

I ponder the main things are condition, their responsiveness, knowledge of technology and the architecture, and power to come out with different options. It’s their force. Their force is their power to meet commitments to both clients and us.

Looking back on the work, is there anything that you ponder they could better upon or something you might do differently?

I would like them to ponder big. They have to centre on true articles owing, today, particularization is the name of the game. They are mainly aligning with the running trends in the market with respect to mobility and cloud computing. But, quiet, they are playing in the mid-lower market end of IT [information technology] labors. If they can layer up and get that size with a bigr employee base, then it will give us more trust eparticularly with respect to risk mitigation and their power to liberate big programs.