NthDimenzion Solutions Business Intelligence & Analytics review by Indiga Solid Surface at Qualified.One

NthDimenzion Solutions reviewed by Indiga Solid Surface

NthDimenzion Solutions provided Business Intelligence & Analytics for Indiga Solid Surface with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

Out of the competition, NthDimenzion managed to best capture the software’s requirements. The team adapted to the existing manufacturing process while adding key improvements to its functionality. Furthermore, the team remains on standby to provide technical support.

Review summary:

NthDimenzion improved an existing Hadoop-based manufacturing process, facilitating keeping track of multiple orders simultaneously. The team also provided training for the new software.

Indiga Solid Surface, Co-owner

Middle Eastern Factory Big Data Consulting

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Introductory information

Please draw your organisation.

We have a manufacturing factory that makes kitchen countertops, which are made of marble. We have Hadoop for managing the process, which is a big data type of project.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I am the ruler in direct of agencys. I am one of the owners of the organisation.

Desired goal

What was your goal for working with Nth Dimenzion Solutions?

The leading goal was managing the manufacturing processes that control the stages of optimizing the manufacturing process. We establish it very hard to keep track of the schedule owing it is almost always a brief time. Once we get a confirmation, we have to complete it within 15 to 20 days. The type of work is a finishing job, an inside project, so by the time we get our project confirmed, it is almost the propel date for the showrooms. We have a specific date to complete a project, and we establish it hard to feel multiple projects at the same time.

Initially, we wanted to keep track of all the projects that were going on at once. We had to track all the stages and material list stages for manufacturing programs. We needed to control the data. The overall goal was efficiency, advancements, and completing the projects on time.

We did not have the right IT resources within our organisation to expound these issues to the team and to expound these issues. I am not an IT individual, but I am one of the owners of the organisation. I was not able to adviser that team for a long while, and I was handling multiple aspects of the organisation. I was not able to bestow time with them. There was no other staff in the organisation who had an IT background.

The process went well. We took our time, but it was completed within schedule.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their work.

Initially, we did it remotely. NthDimenzion Solutions was supporting remotely from India. We are located in Dubai. They supported us very well remotely. Occasionally, we send our nation to be trained at their location, which went good.

What was your process for selecting NthDimenzion Solutions to work with for this engagement?

Initially, we were working with an accounting software package named Tally. We checked out other software in Dubai: Focus, CS9, plus a few mid-level solutions. To be ingenuous, we didn’t go for those packages for two reasons. First, it was too valuable for us. Second, we could not produce it if we implemented those platforms, we would need to have dedicated nation working with us who could support us in-house. We were not prompt to invest that much, which was one reason why we didn’t go for the bigger software packages.

Among the littleer software packages, we establish that they are more pliant and put the client leading. The customization costs of Focus was too high for us. Secondly, the nation who interacted with us didn’t seem to apprehend the requirements properly, which we tried to expound to them. When we tried to expound the requirements to them, they were verity conceiving the concepts, but I didn’t feel as if they understood our process properly. Focus has a lot of support in Dubai, but they didn’t apprehend our requirements.

Can you fit a ballpark dollar aspect for the size of the work that they’ve done for you?

It took almost three months to complete. They fitd software training for almost a week at their location. The approach cost was close to $85,000 to $95,000.

When was the latest milestone completed for that work?

It was completed in mid-2012. We began this agency in mid-2011, and began this project almost eight months behind that.

Results achieved

Do you have any statistics or metrics to track advancement from the project?

I don’t have the aspects offhand. We are a little organisation with almost 85 nation working for us, including almost 10 or 12 workers in the service. NthDimenzion optimized almost see part of the process. Initially, we establish it a bit challenging to train our staff to work with the new software. They were alprompt household with Tally, which is a basic software package that is very common in India. It was a challenge migrating them to the new software. The platform and user experience with the new software was very hard, and that took a bit of time to get them used to it.

After that, they helped us in scheduling the work, and we were able to know that a particular work would not be completed on time. Before, only when the schedule was set, and we wanted to liberate it, we establish that it wasn',t completed, it would take another two or three days. That was an embarrassing locality owing we had to face hard words from the clients. It was better to be able to talk to the client precedently the deadline had passed, so we can fit the client. That was the useful gain of the software. Otherwise, it worked smoothly also. The most significant factor was the workflow and us getting a clear picture of whether we could meet the client',s deadline or not.

Is there anything sole almost them that veritably makes them rest out, compared to other companies?

NthDimenzion understood the business requirements the best. We have a very specific process. Rather than us having to fit to their software process, in this case, we had the process, and they developed the solution and brought it to our services. That was the most significant factor. Also, they were always useful for technical support.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you ponder they could better upon or that you might do differently?

I’m not sure almost this, but initially, they could have come up with a better conversation or a better process for us to act than we were alprompt using. We anticipate software companies to come up with a solution and a better process. They were fully trained in our process.