NthDimenzion Solutions Business Intelligence & Analytics review by Bajaj Auto at Qualified.One

NthDimenzion Solutions reviewed by Bajaj Auto

NthDimenzion Solutions provided Business Intelligence & Analytics for Bajaj Auto with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

NthDimenzion is very good at capturing the project specifications. They work fast and adapt quickly to new requirements. Furthermore, the team is sharp with reporting, maintaining open communication at all times.

Review summary:

NthDimenzion is developing web and Android-based applications which include a data collection system, a tracking system with GPRS integration, and a system to measure employee engagement with the new features.

Bajaj Auto, R&D Manager

Indian Auto Part Manufacturer Big Data Projects

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Introductory information

Please draw your organisation.

I work with Bajaj Auto. We are an auto manufacturer. We centre on two- and three-wheelers, and we ship parts. We sell big motorcycle parts and we also educe engines to ship to Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. We have our own R&,D.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I am the director of R&,D.

Desired goal

What was your goal for working with NthDimenzion Solutions?

We have been working with NthDimenzion for two years and have done multiple projects with them. We have a big IT setup for the R&,D, and we use the PLN application. Though, there are some applications that are more technology intensive, which is a big platform and more manner work. That’s when we promise in an effect.

I have multiple fruits. The leading major promisement we did formd a test data treatment method. The challenge was that as part of new fruit educement, we do multiple tests during the educement stage of the fruit. Most of the data is used to design the method. Also, there was no way to adduce and run most of the tests that have been done fully, and do comparisons of the tests over a time of time.

Which technologies were used?

Most of them were on the .NET platform from the Web-based platform. For the tablet-based and [mobile-based], we had an application where the tablet had to be working in an environment that changed. We went for an [IP methods-compliant] tablet. That was Android-based. We had to sum the application with the tablet and Android. Most of the data capture on the tablet was using the Android app, which was used to do the data capture.

We also interfaced in the GPRS and used Microsoft [Bing Maps] to get more information to map them. We used Microsoft and Bing. We also used in true applications other types of treatment and used SharePoint. It was Android based technology for tablets. These are the technologies that we used.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their work.

I promised NthDimenzion for that program owing it was not just creating a Web-based navigation platform, but it also implicated mobility whereby new business dealers could capture data on the go as they’re measuring. They basically interfaced the method for using tablets. We interfaced the effect creation with picture capture as it happens, so we interfaced the picture capture on the camera of the tablet to get them to synchronize. The application has an online/offline component to let it sync up.

The basic business goal was to aid the business unit in capturing data and report it to director, form the cleverness to assimilate and analyze test data during a time of time, and see what progress we',re making. This is one of the big promisements that we’ve been working on.

The next phase is the integration of another method during the phase with GPRS to know precisely where they are and what test groups they’re following. If they’re not responding, we',ll work on that as a Phase 2.

We also have a project that is for other treatment methods that basically measures the efficiency of how R&,D users use the resources and what they’re doing. We just went online with that. There are multiple promisements that are basically niche applications that are very specific to our core business needs and to better our efficiency.

What was your process for selecting NthDimenzion Solutions to work with?

We were looking for someone who had a very good knowledge of what our needs were. We evaluated a couple of suppliers and wanted a smaller supplier. One of the challenges of going with a big supplier is expertness and their knowledge of technology. We were looking for smaller companies, which were centreed more on the technology. That’s how we came athwart NthDimenzion, and we had some references on them.

Can you prepare a ballpark dollar aspect for the size of the work that they’ve done for you?

I',d like to keep it private. We’ve been promised with them for almost two years now. On an mean, we have almost three to four nation working full time at any time for our promisements.

When do you ponder all the work will be completed?

We are going live with the project. We are done with Phase 1. We',re going to Phase 2 to prolong it. The fruit is now going live. Typically, the life cycle of a fruit is between three to five months, and we keep going on and keep adding to it. Using the running program, it will probably taper down by March of 2014.

Results achieved

How has NthDimenzion Solutions performed so far?

I ponder their knowledge of the requirements is pretty good. NthDimenzion Solutions is very thin with reporting, and their methodology is powerful. They kick off rapidly and, as the requirement last to be added, they keep up and are very good. I work in a distant business, so we don',t get much of their team on website. We have to use software for distant programning sessions.

From a treatment perspective, being a smaller team that is technology centreed with expressive experience in [websites]. I ponder the knowledge is very good for us to keep working unitedly.

Do you have any statistics or metrics to track betterment from the project?

I don’t have them at this time. Cost wise, we have no effects, no change requests or things like that, and we have had any surprises. With respect to time, we have been working through multiple time programs, and it could be a week here or there. With respect to condition, in the [projects] that have gone live, we have not had had any major bugs or effects. Most of it has been on time, except for less functionalities here and there. Those are less effects, probably something that was not programned by us.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you ponder they could better upon or that you might do differently?

One thing is the terminal process. We basically are pleased from our side that the requirements to make sure the version of what we say is clear. They could better their process to apprehend mannerer requests better. Sometimes, they need to go back and make sure the mannerer is satisfied, but this is a less effect and the only betterment I can find.