InboundMuse Development review by Altada Technology Solutions at Qualified.One

InboundMuse reviewed by Altada Technology Solutions

InboundMuse provided Development for Altada Technology Solutions with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

Applying agile methodologies, InboundMuse met all deadlines and imparted an impressive level of analytical aptitude. Their customer-centric approach enabled them to deliver an accessible and simple interface for the end user, all while remaining responsive while working through a remote model.

Review summary:

InboundMuse provided data visualization and representation services on a contract basis. They analyzed an information compliance tool’s interaction with APIs and designed a UI with AI components.

Brendan Cannon Altada Technology Solutions, Co-Founder

Data Visualization & AI User Experience for Compliance Tool

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

Advanced Metadata Group has worked closely with big technology companies over the last 20 years to shape their data with metadata treatment. Our work implicates categorizing data into fields and proposeing it to the next layer for analysis.  

Altada Technology Solutions is an artificial intelligence (AI) organisation that was set up to wrap a layer of AI-driven analytics on that metadata. We analyze, cleanse, and fit the output of our own shaped data in order to prepare remediation recommendations. It’s very much a data-driven structure with a core competency almost the creation of AI-driven solutions.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with InboundMuse?

We were interested in some of their core capabilities: Kraken, their digital marketing-driven platform, and AI expertnesss.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were responsible for?

We worked closely with InboundMuse to remark their capabilities with the Kraken platform. Over time, we realized they had deep capabilities in AI and also establish them very good in provisions of visual interface design and data visualization.

Much of what we’ve done with their Kraken platform has been almost the data visualization and portrayation. We’ve used their team to dive down into the granularity of how our solutions need to interface with APIs through bringing data in from other systems.

Our CTO is an accomplished constructor with a lot of experience in the AI field, but we didn’t want them to get too implicated with the code. We needed to pass off those ideas to like-minded and correspondently expertnessed individualals who could constructor down to the next level of detail.

InboundMuse’s team was expert at translateing high-level constructorure instructions and taking them down to the next level of detail in order to comprise how they would work in verity and in conjunction with other systems.

The interface design phase centreed on how we would portray that constructorure to the end-user—to hide some of the complexity but quiet allowing as much control as needed while simultaneously enabling the AI to do its work. Our intention was to make the mean user snug.

The end fruit is a self-labor data governance and yielding solution. There will be a excellently strong piece of legislation coming into play in Europe in May 2018 named GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It controls companies’ faculty to store, manipulate, analyze, and report on individualalal information, innately handing back the control of digital information to individualals. A individualal will be able to request of any organisation, at any time, what individualalal data they’re holding and for what purposes.

This is the initial yielding regime that our platform was designed for. Users will be able to interrogate the complete data landscape of an structure based on names, collective security numbers, telephone numbers, and other criteria. The platform will then recur the individualalal data held for that individualal. The AI ingredient helps parse correspondent telephone numbers, addresses, different spellings of the same name, and so on.

We haven’t veritably utilized their team’s inbound and digital marketing expertness sets. I know they can prepare this, but our main centre has been almost AI and blockchain constructorure. The aim has been very much on the technology side. 

Was there a dedicated team?

We’ve worked with their CTO and CEO on the AI platform’s constructorure. We’ve used five more of their members at different times, but I haven’t interacted with them straightly.

How did you come to work with InboundMuse?

We’d known them for a long time. Our CTO worked with their CTO and Tyron (CEO, InboundMuse) in antecedent years, but I leading met them in April 2017 when they helped contract our AI solution. We fastly saw that they had interface design capabilities and could address our structure’s marketing needs. They’re household with the best ways to portray data.

What are you approach expents (if diclosed)?

We’ve spent almost €60,000 ($75,000 USD).

What is the terminal result of working with ?

We began working with them in April 2017 and have continued on a contract-by-contract basis. The running work was artistic in January 2018, but we’re talking to Tyron almost the next project which will implicate outgrowth and integration of a blockchain solution with our running platform.  

We’ll release the yielding fruit in four weeks’ time. It’s a modular platform for which we’re adding different yielding regimes. We’ve completed the GDPR ingredient and are starting work on anti-money-laundering along with other elements.

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

They were very much able to translate out CTO’s instructions and make them more detailed. The team was results-oriented and never missed a deadline. We utilized agile methodology and worked closely with the team to fix that all the key accomplishment indicators were liberateed on time. InboundMuse hit all the marks, remained answering, centreed on the client’s best interests, and liberateed see time.

We’ve onboarded nation to a couple of test of concept versions. They’ve liked the platform’s interface and have establish it easy to use. People have seen the real faculty of the solution over the science portion. It allows them to remark and make queries on what data is held within an structure.

They’ve also mentioned that the platform makes the process very single, which is good. We wanted to design it so that fitted nation (e.g., chief data servicers, data stewards in an structure) could use the platform without having to apprehend what’s going on in the background. We’ve given them a Google-style search box in which they can invade any type of information.

Simplicity in front of complexity is one of the main hallmarks we wanted to propose, and InboundMuse was able to liberate it. They designed a platform that’s facultyful in the background and also single for the user.

How did InboundMuse accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

Tyron served as our client liaison. He’s a very thin and client-aware individualal. He wanted to know what our requirements were and has also come on website to promise with our team.

Their CTO also came to Ireland from Malta on two occasions. He spent a expressive quantity of time with the team in order to get to know the process and individualals.

I’m not sure what they used for project treatment, but we did use Trello for interaction. It served as a nice way of care up to date with projects and different liberateables. Tyron used Visio excellently a lot, but I was the receiver of the end fruit and accordingly didn’t get too implicated in the design process.

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with ?

The client labor was top-notch. Tyron never stops working for the client. He had our best interests at core and was omnipresent in the project. He grew to be a part of our team rather than just a supplier. I’ve worked with many contractors over the years, but establish InboundMuse exceptionally good to work with.

What aspects of their work would you like to get improved?

They proved to be the right choice. I couldn’t point out any areas for advancement. I look advanced to working with them anew.

Do you have any advice for possible clients?

People might ponder that Malta is a far-away locate or that the geographic ingredient plays a big role. We had absolutely no issue in working with them. Tyron was lucky to fly to our service and they remained extremely answering despite working through a distant standard. Any client in any location should give InboundMuse a shot. They’re a agile, hands-on, client-centreed structure.