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This is our purpose as a company. It gives our work direction and meaning. It makes sure our whole team is on the same course and it guides us on the journey. As a freedom-centred workplace our team is empowered to deliver. We developed our purpose together as a team and it describes what we actually do not our aspirations. Learn more about how we defined our purpose.

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Happiness and productivity go hand in hand. Thats why so many of our clients like to hang out with us here at Boost. Its also why we measure team happiness. Its part of our quest to become New Zealands best place to work. Each month we ask the team to rate how happy they are at work. Heres the running average of our past four surveys.

We have considered opinions but hold them lightly. We are at our best when we embrace constructive conflict and commit to being authentic and vulnerable. Feedback is a gift to give and receive we lean into difficult conversations. Be brave and give it a go!

We have a responsibility to have an economically successful organisation to ensure stability and opportunities for team members stakeholders and clients. We take responsibility for our customers outcomes. We are in charge of our own learning and sharing knowledge with the wider team.

We are all leaders and at Boost all leaders serve. We are focussed on what we can do for others and developing our teams. We balance the needs of the individual with those of the organisation. We listen. We coach we are humble and trusting. We value service not status.

We make everyone feel welcome. We create an environment where everyone can be successful; we nurture relationships raise others up and work to create and maintain safe spaces.

Based on 20 years experience delivering successful software projects weve assessed the kind of work that achieves our purpose. With the right client and the right project weve found we can consistently deliver positive and lasting impacts on time and on budget. If you and your project fit the bill wed love to work together to make the world a better place.

Is your organisation working to make the world a better place?

Are you focused on outcomes and flexible on features? Are you happy to work in an Agile way?

Do you want to build an ongoing partnership that maximises the value we deliver together?

Do you have a vision of the positive impact the project will have?

Will your project have a Product Owner with the time and authority to be responsive and decisive?

Does your project address a complex problem and require an innovative solution?

Heres more detail on our ideal clients and projects.

We only have limited capacity to take on new clients so contact us today to secure the development resource you need.

Start making a positive impact tomorrow.

We are very proud to be one of around 50 companies worldwide to be certified by WorldBlu as a freedom-centred workplace and the first in New Zealand.

WorldBlu only certifies teams that pass a rigorous assessment against the 10 Principles of Organisational Democracy confirmation that weve created a culture at Boost that is open honest and empowering.

Being an organisational democracy supports how we work with clients by bringing collaboration into all levels and aspects of our workplace.

Weve partnered with Contentful to provide a content management solution built for the modern world.

Contentful is an API-based cloud Content as a Service platform that keeps backend content separate from frontend presentation. This gives you a platform thats easy to maintain scale and secure. It lets you manage your content in one place and distribute it across all your channels. Your content editors get an intuitive editor and powerful workflows. Your developers get the flexibility to develop at speed integrating multiple applications and using the technology stack that best meets their needs.