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4soft reviewed by International Project Management Association Poland

4soft provided Software Development for International Project Management Association Poland with approximate budget = $10,000 to $49,999.

While the portal is only being used internally, it has already streamlined workflows and boosted data accuracy. Despite the in-house staff’s limited time to dedicate to the project, Look4App managed to deliver at an unmatched price and with great results.

Review summary:

Look4App developed a customized portal for communicating easily with members and project managers, storing data, and managing sales. Their work included design, testing, and implementation.

Marcin Opas International Project Management Association Poland, General Director

Custom Development for Association Members Service Portal

Below is a modified rendering of the review: private info excluded, innate facts kept.

Introductory information

A few words almost your organisation and personal responsibilities

I’m the general ruler of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) in Poland. We acknowledge project professionals.

Desired goal

What issue was the provider supposed to deal with?


We hired them to help us educe a customized gate that serves our members and supports our staff in maintaining touch with them. This gate is the mediate server that stores all the data almost members and the project directors certified in Poland. Additionally, it’s used for selling selected products such as publications and standardized certifications.

What were your objectives for this project?

We wanted to better the interaction with the union members and certified project directors, lessen the manpower implicated in data computing and interaction with our clients, and better our data exactness and storage.

Provided solution

What were the reasons for choosing 4soft?

We establish them through a personal recommendation.

Describe the project and the services they granted in detail.

They designed, tested, and implemented all gate features.

Were there any dedicated directors or teams that you worked with?

There were four employees on our side, which included a project director and staff responsible for particular activities of the union. Look4App assigned a project coordinator to adjoin with. I don’t know who else was implicated from their side.

Results achieved

Can you share any information that demonstrates the contact that this project has had on your business?

The gate is currently used for inner purposes, but it has already expressively decreased work intensiveness and increased the exactness of our computed data. We will officially propel in a few weeks, and we anticipate a expressive betterment in our operational efficiency, especially touching interaction with our clients.

How was project treatment arranged and how powerful was it?

We worked in two different locations without any face-to-face meetings, so all interaction was based on online solutions. We used Hangouts and shared files. The most nice factor was involving our staff, which had pliant to no time to centre on the project. The overall powerfulness would’ve been much higher if the project treatment on our side would’ve been better organized.

What precisely do you attend to be the key specialty of 4soft?

We appreciated their endurance, flexibility, and professionalism.

What should be done better, if there are any desired betterments?

Occasionally, interaction didn’t go very well, but it was our defect in most of the cases so it wouldn',t be fair to censure Look4App.