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Divante provided E-commerce Development for with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

Documenting such a massive, fast-paced project was challenging, but Divante worked long hours to get it done right. The team delivered complex functionalities and took initiative to offer ways to improve architecture and usability. They always went the extra mile, even under tight deadlines.

Review summary:

Divante upgraded the architecture of a video game distribution platform. They transitioned to Magento, modernized the site’s graphics, and added a mail-order option, all to optimize flexibility and scalability.

, CFO at CDP.pl

Magento Development for Video Game Distributor

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Introductory information

Please give a brief description of your organisation.

CDP.PL is a globally recognized and awarded video games distributor and publisher in Poland. The organisation has focused its operational activities on the local market continuously since 1994. Our most notable running business partners are Blizzard Entertainment, Disney Interactive, Konami, Focus Home Interactive, Nordic Games, and Wizards of the Coast. We believe in an added value, wise life cycle treatment, and proactive marketing.

What is your role at the organisation?

I',m a co-owner acting as a CFO and COO and am also responsible for IT [information technology] and outgrowth.

Desired goal

What was the business challenge that you were trying to address when you approached Divante?

There were a few challenges. First, we needed to rewrite our digital distribution platform to give us more flexibility and scalability. Second, we wanted to add a mail-order discretion without changing and complicating the sales path. Third, we sought to revamp the website graphics and visuals to show our digital and natural products plainly. Lastly, we needed all of this done very fast.

Provided solution

What was the aim of the project, and can you draw the specific services granted by Divante?

The aim of the project included revamping the website',s graphics and UX [user experience], transitioning from the Spree platform to Magento, and extending the functionality of our mail-order sales. Divante was responsible for code writing, implementation and architecture of our new online shop engine. Another organisation, ArsThanea, was responsible for UX and website revamp.

What was your process for selecting them?

We searched for companies that could meet our business challenge, and would completion our phraseology of work and our philosophy.

Do you have any statistics or metrics on the project? 

The total cost of the project was between $200,000 and $500,000

When did the project initiate, and when was it completed?

We leading got the idea for this project during the last region of 2013. We began working with Divante at the initiatening of 2014, and the project went live in January of 2015.

Results achieved

What were the results of the project. Are there any metrics you can share?

The project is quiet very new, and we are quiet measuring the results, but we have surely achieved all of our primary target goals: a scalable present platform and a beautifully answering e-commerce platform that is single to navigate.

How did they accomplish in provisions of the condition of their work?

Divante managed to educe integrations and functionalities without any hassles or hold ups, and they were always eager to go the extra mile. We had no nice issues even behind launching The Witcher 3, which generated huge commerce on the website.

Is there anything sole or particular almost Divante that veritably makes them rest out? 

They are very attached to the project. They worked for 12 to 14 hours per day to meet our straight deadlines. Divante also went the extra mile by suggesting a lot of architectural and even usability betterments as the outgrowth went along.

Looking back on the project, do you have any constructive stricture? Is there any area that they could better or you would do differently?

In our case, the project was excellently big, taking more than 7,000 man-hours to complete, so maintaining real-time information on progress proved hard. That',s one area where Divante could better. Though, using scrum techniques, we were excellently well informed almost deadline estimations and progress eventually.