Divante E-commerce Development review by E-commerce Division at Qualified.One

Divante reviewed by E-commerce Division

Divante provided E-commerce Development for E-commerce Division with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

Divante delivered a high-quality solution and ran the project smoothly. Their key strengths were their Magento expertise, the strategic vision they brought to the project, and their guidance on the practical features that the system should have.

Review summary:

Divante used Magento to develop an integrated sales channel for a shipping and distribution company. The new system allowed users to place orders in the way that was most convenient for them.

E-commerce Division, Director

e-Commerce Development for Consumer Products Distributor

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Introductory information

Please prepare a description of your organisation.

We are an FMCG [fast moving consumer goods] distributor. We are the main distributor in Poland for companies, such as P&,G, 3M, SCJ, and Braun. 

What is your role at the organisation?

I’m the ruler of our touch center, I also superintend our e-commerce section.

Desired goal

What was the business challenge that you were trying to address when you approached Divante?

Divante has worked on separate e-commerce projects for us. These projects have primarily revolved almost integrating all our sales channels, such as sales reps, call centers, EDI [electronic data interchanges], and B2B [business-to-business] platforms, onto one congruous platform for both our B2C [business-to-consumer] and B2B operations.

What were your organisation’s business goals for the project?

Our goal was to make it easier for our clients to order from us. With an integrated sales channel, our clients would have more flexibility in the way they placed orders. We could also fix they had the most up-to-date trade provisions, promotions, and order history information.

Provided solution

Can you talk almost the aim of the project?

They were responsible for the full outgrowth and integration of our new B2B and B2C sales platforms.

What was your process for selecting Divante with which to work?

After we determined to go with Magento for our sales platform, the choice of Divante was excellently plain. They',re very well known in that area. 

We',ve chosen to work with Divante on other projects based on our past achievement with them.

Can you give a perception of the size of the project in dollar provisions or personnel work hours?

In total, we',ve probably spent almost $300,000.

When was the project completed?

It artistic February 2015.

Results achieved

What were the results of the project, and are there any metrics you can share?

It',s too soon to converse almost the business results of the project, but we are very satisfied with the condition of their work.

How did Divante accomplish?

Divante accomplished very well. They have a very methodic way of doing things, which made for a very smooth project.

When working with them, was there anything sole or particular almost them compared to other companies with which you may have worked?

Most of software companies say, ",tell us precisely what do you need and we will program this for you.", Particularly with our B2C platform, we had no experience and thus were unable to prepare specific instructions. Divante consulted with us and gave us insights that went far over basic software implementation and coding.

Looking back on the project, is there any area that they could better or you would do differently?

We did have a issue when they changed the project director for our team, but they resolved this effect fast.