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Versa - never loose your luggage again by DO OK

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About the Client

Versa Company is a Dutch start-up with a passion for traveling. They’re based in the Hague and have a pure focus on partnerships with airlines, travel management companies, baggage manufacturers and retailers.


On everyday matter millions, of people are struggling having lack of knowledge on what is going with a suitcase. Guys from Versa

disrupt that state-of-art through developing a product which is a luggage tracker device. Versa product in your suitcase can track your luggage everywhere around the world.

Project background

Versa was developing a hardware product without the adequate software solutions to complement it. It won’t be possible to deliver a solution to customers this way. Versa had already a company in Poland that worked with to develop hardware and the tracker, but a competent software development company to build on both Android and iOS, as well as handle a backend development was needed.

Project challenges

In Versa there were no existing wireframes. Basically briefed with requirements documents, a couple of calls, and a face-to-face meeting how DO OK could help. Versa’s team had a clear focus on the product and DO OK team helped figure out the best way to achieve what was wanted from a technical implementation and concept perspective. We are responsible for the backend, the API, and the iOS and Android apps.

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