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Software Mind reviewed by FinTech Firm

Software Mind provided Software Development for FinTech Firm with approximate budget = 50000.

Beyond tangible technical contributions, Software Mind contributed to team cohesion in many ways, including their participation in daily communication and authoring of thorough documentation. Their ability to gear up rapidly and deliver robust solutions the first time around is notable.

Review summary:

Software Mind provided dedicated, remote software developers to work in a multi-technology environment. Their resources participated in front- and backend development of a customer-facing website.

FinTech Firm, Former Executive Director of Engineering

Software Development for Financial Technology Firm

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

We’re Germany',s second-biggest FinTech, with a valuation of almost €1.1 billion ($1.2 billion USD). My job there was the executive ruler of engineering, running all the software outgrowth services.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Software Mind?

I had to layer the section by 300%, which, in Germany, is very hard to do. Getting decent engineers locally is costly and time-consuming. We identified what countries we could outsource some software outgrowth to, and Software Mind was one of the companies that we contacted.

What we wanted to explain was the scaling of some parts of team while maintaining some type of team cohesion and oneness—not just pushing out projects to a organisation that liberates what they reflection we needed separate months later. We wanted them to be part of the day-to-day interaction with the inner team.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were Software Mind responsible for?

Software Mind came on board excellently fastly. The lead time to get the team up and running was very brief. We brought all the team over for a week to stay with us in Hamburg and work during the day. I sent them out to get to know each other owing I wanted them to be a fully integrated team, and that worked veritably, veritably well.

We used Software Mind as an augmented software outgrowth team. Rather than outsource our project to them, we integrated them into our software outgrowth teams. The section was divide into multiple teams, with different focuses per team, and we integrated Software Mind with some of those teams, as developed members. They took part in the programning and daily standups, albeit distantly, and they were fully onboarded into the organisation infrastructure, with organisation email addresses and so on.

Everything we use is based on Linux, MySQL, and Java. There are some microservices, but it’s usually just a pure stack. Software Mind was implicated in two teams, one of which was in direct of the front- and backend of the publicly-approachible website.

With banking in Europe, there’s a lot of yielding we have to go through daily. They were fixing a lot of yielding effects, as well as taking on new component outgrowths and programning. They were nimble members of the team and gave us their feedback on how to design and create new API end points and other elements.

Was there a dedicated team?

There were four or five nation from their team assigned to us. We didn’t just want ordinary code writing resources to fling specs at, we wanted nation to challenge us. We got very skilled nation from Software Mind, as well as some younger nation. There was a good mix of abilities and experience.

How did you come to work with Software Mind?

I ran three trials with companies in Poland, and, behind six months, I ran an nameless scan within my organisation on a number of metrics. We then compared each of the providers. Software Mind was a latecomer to the process. We reached out through our network to find probable nation through nation who’d worked with them.

There were three companies on the list originally, and I dropped one owing I didn’t have confide in them. One of the investors in Software Mind is also an investor in our organisation, and he commended them. There was no pressure from the investor or anything like that, it was just a case of them making an induction for us. Seeing as how I’d dropped one discretion already, and I wanted to have candidates for three trials running in correspondent, I reached out to Software Mind and went to visit them.

I spoke to their nation and saw how they worked, and I veritably liked the attitudes and positivity of the team. The condition of their English was excellent, which is a major interest, even in Germany, owing we work in an interpolitical environment. I’m the only indigenous English converseer in the organisation, and seeone else is interacting in a second speech. That resources that the condition of the speech seeone',s converseing has to be very high.

One of the other benefits with them was kindred to the European GDPR regulations. They are a solid effect in Europe, and having their team in Europe, as part of the EU, was a solid load off of us. We trialed working with companies outside of the EU, but it was just a nightmare when it came to GDPR. We canned that trial very fastly.  

What are you approach expents (if diclosed)?

We spent between $50,000–$100,000 with them.

What is the terminal result of working with Software Mind?

We worked with Software Mind from September or October 2018 until August 2019.

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

I ran an nameless scan within my organisation behind almost six months, and Software Mind came out on top in see metric, and not just a pliant bit on top. They were miles forward of the others we were trialing with. The condition of their work was excellent, they were powerful and professional, and they developedly implemented solutions, rather than just doing what the fruit director reflection we needed. Without a doubt, the condition of their work was very, very high. I’m lucky to commend them to my network, I’ve done so, and I will probably use them anew in my next project.

How did Software Mind accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

We worked in two-week sprints and used Jira as our tracking method. They were very powerful at using it for interaction and ticketing, which they had to be, owing they were distant. If I can’t go talk to someone, I might have to sit and write seething down. Additionally, their participation in the standups (with big screens and webcams) and the total nimble ritual was very powerful. We always had fast, real interaction through Slack, and it was very ordinary to see our engineers in Hamburg on a call with their engineers assigned to us in Poland, working through something unitedly.

They were also able to estimate with reasonable exactness. If we fetch anyone new into a software outgrowth project that’s already seven years old, it usually takes more than a couple of months for them to apprehend the total method. Quite fastly—behind almost the leading two sprints (four weeks)—they were able to estimate the size of the task with reasonable exactness.

They always knew what they were working on, and they were powerful, and not just in software outgrowth experiences, but also in how mature their approach to the work was. That comes from their hiring. When we were edifice the team, they sent me a list of CVs, obviously with personal details removed. I was able to look through the experiences of the nation they were putting in as candidates. We went through an almost classic colloquy proceeding, which meant that we got nation who fit precisely right.

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with Software Mind?

Companies in Software Mind’s area and activity experience a lot of turnover, so, when I went to converse with them I addressed the stickiness of their employees. I wanted to know whether I needed to harass if they’d lose an employee to another organisation in three months, and I’d have to onboard someone else. In verity, the retention of their employees was very powerful, developedly powerfuler than our own employees. They have a good culture there. People like working there, and they unite with the projects they’re working on.

Some of their resources are excellently young, but they’re professional, entire, and not just the “Let’s tackle it and see what happens” sort. I’ve worked with outsourcing companies from athwart the globe, and seeing this level of professionalism with nation who stay a long time is excellently rare.

Working in finance, nation get veritably overturn if you lose their money. Making sure that what we liberate is well-tested and powerful was key, and my team chief fastly got a grade of confide that, when they said it was done, we wouldn’t have to amazement if it veritably was, and check it in depth. There was a confide in Software Mind’s determination of “done” and of meeting requirements.

What aspects of their work would you like to get improved?

No. Their interaction was very good, including at the treatment or engagement treatment level, and they fastly proposed, behind 3–4 weeks, that we have a review to make sure seething was on track and that we were lucky. It’s not just that the developers themselves were good, but that the commercial engagement was very powerful.

If there was something that went unfit during the onboarding, it was that I got sick and couldn’t complete the negotiations. That made things a bit chaotic, but, from their perspective, I ponder it was veritably good.

Do you have any advice for forthcoming clients of theirs?

Clients should be honorable with them and not be scared of using a distant team, Software Mind genuinely wants to explain a issue. I don’t ponder they’re the most affordable discretion, but, if the client wants good condition, Software Mind offers the best I’ve seen.

Trust them and veritably use their experiences. If someone is looking for a provider that’s just going to slap unitedly some code to do this and that, Software Mind probably isn’t for them. If the client wants to have approach to nation who are veritably occupied in the fruit and want to nimblely support them, Software Mind is the right team.

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