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Software Mind is a global IT services company from Poland. Software Mind provides Managed Teams which help you to build and manage successful software solutions.   Our Managed Teams hep customers to: 1. Extend their own IT teams 2. Accelerate IT Devel

the company known as Software Mind officially embarks on its journey to glory and greatness

  • 2001

    A Space Odyssey didnt happen but we didnt give up valiantly fighting against the dark forces of miscommunication poor quality and unkept promises making the world of software development a better place

  • 2006

    we have officially lost count of the amount of coffee we drunk pioneering the bold act of removing the coffee drunk widget from the companys website!

  • 2012

    the Software Outsourcing Toolbox is now complete. Peace is restored to the land.

  • 2015

    Lewandowski scored 5 goals in 9 minutes and we got a deal on the 5th continent. Still waiting for the Antarctica deal though.

  • 2018

    we opened a subsidiary company in the U.S. – Software Mind Inc. our next step to creating a New World Order (of software craftsmanship) ?

  • Rafal Janik

    Senior Software Engineer

    One of the most loyal of our Software Mind warriors with 10 years of service and counting. Loves to dive deep into programming challenges and is always up for the most exciting projects. Apparently he has wanted to be a programmer ever since he was a child. Is that actually possible?

    Grzegorz Mlynarczyk

    CEO amp; Co-fouder

    Being one of the Software Mind founders he knows the company inside out. Although hes not coding anymore his understanding of technical and business challenges is clearly not fossilized as hes always ready to be on the front line during meetings with clients.

    Pola Polaczek

    Software Engineer

    One day she decided to make a massive career change and become a developer. And now it feels like it was her home all along. Equally determined about interior design admiring the wonders of nature and preparing delicious food.

    Piotr Jachimczak

    Software Development Director

    He makes sure that all development work go like Clockwork (Orange) … walking the Red Thin Line between chaos and creativity. Tells jokes so lame that they make people Fly Over the Cuckoos Nest. Born on 13th of July. Movie buff.

    Mateusz Mnich

    Team Leader/Software Engineer

    When you spend your day coding and finally get some free time just to use it to… code some more you know you were born to do this. No wonder he is a self-confessed hard worker. But he is also an optimist so he still thinks its healthy.

    Katarzyna Klimek

    Software Engineer

    She loves when a day full of challenges ends with the satisfying feeling that everything is going as planned. Then she can let loose and play some ukulele while dreaming about one day becoming a panda nanny.

    Kamil Fornal

    Software Development Director

    When you are a self-confessed perfectionist and need to make sure that tons of things work like they are supposed to you know you have your hands full. Therefore to balance things out he also… keeps his legs busy by running ultramarathons. This one may need a break.

    Marek Zajac

    Team Leader/Software Engineer

    Though he codes like a pro digs fast cars and still finds some time for blogging he still considers himself to be quite indecisive. Hard to believe isnt it? Then again perhaps he is not all that indecisive… Were sure he will tell us someday!

    Krystian Szczepanowski

    Project Manager/Team Leader

    His innate ambition combined with a strong passion for the latest and most innovative technologies make sure that he never runs out of energy and ideas to convince others to his vision. When he is still turned down he blows off steam by hopping on his motorcycle.

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