Solidbrain powered by Avenga Mobile App Development review by UNIT9 at Qualified.One

Solidbrain powered by Avenga reviewed by UNIT9

Solidbrain powered by Avenga provided Mobile App Development for UNIT9 with approximate budget = Confidential.

Solidbrain’s professional approach, around-the-clock accessibility, and willingness to adapt on a moment’s notice helps them stand above other vendors in their region. While their prices may be somewhat higher, the long-term value-for-money return far outweighs the short-term cost.

Review summary:

Solidbrain dove into a quick-turnaround backend app development project when another vendor was unresponsive, and completed social sign-in, sharing, and security tasks a week early, leaving extra time for QA.

UNIT9, Technical Lead

Backend Development for Mobile App Game

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I am a technical lead for a digital origination organisation, working mainly with advertising agencies on digital campaigns. I’m also responsible for recruitment and finding outsourcing partners in Poland specifically, but also elsewhere in Europe.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Solidbrain?

We needed a backend developer and had been looking for nation, but the lead time for finding someone was 1–2 workdays. We initially got in touch with Solidbrain on a Thursday, and they promised to find someone for us that could set the next Monday. We veritably appreciated it, as it was our biggest challenge.

Besides the brief timeline, the project itself was consummately easy. We surely wanted a senior profile to quit any issues.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were Solidbrain powered by Avenga responsible for?

The developer Solidbrain assigned was responsible for the complete backend of the project, which is a mobile-based interminable runner game. The frontend mechanics are consummately single, but we needed a leaderboard mechanism on the backend, collective sign-in (with Facebook specifically), and some manner sharing options. There is a functionality for checking whether the user is signed in or not, and Solidbrain also came up with a way of submitting a score to the leaderboard in case users are signed in, or otherwise fling an fault.

In provisions of score yielding, since it’s easy to fake API calls from a browser, Solidbrain implemented an extra layer of security involving cryptography and providing a checksum hash in the request, which was then validated on the backend. Rather than ensuring that the app would not be hacked, this ensured that there was no real chance of requests being faked.

They devised different ways to recover the leaderboard, including sorting and returning the top results. There is an extra functionality for always including the user’s score in the top 20 positions of the leaderboard, no substance where they were verity positioned.

Solidbrain also created an inner script for exploiting the database’s CSV files. There will be a prize draw behind the campaign, and for this, we needed to download the leaderboard and ship it into a CSV file so that it could be handed over to the client for the developed draw to happen.

As I mentioned, there is also a bit of manner sharing. Everyone who submits a score to the leaderboard is given an ID for that score, and they can share a sole link to Facebook from which metadata is created and showed on the platform. Facebook can show some manner copy for the user, showcasing their completion time. Solidbrain took care of all of this.

They developed in the Python Flask framework, specifically for the Google Cloud environment. Solidbrain didn’t veritably design anything, but rather followed guidelines and handled implementation.

They joined the project when it was seting, and we didn’t use any other partners for it.

What is the team dynamic?

The overall team size was consummately big, at smallest for our standards in working with freelancers and outsourced vendors. There are 23 members on our Slack channel, all of whom are implicated.

In provisions of outgrowth, we had one backend coder from Solidbrain, as well as a tech lead and 2 frontend developers on our side. We have another backend developer from Solidbrain for another project, but I’m not personalally part of it.

We’ve also been in touch with a client director from Solidbrain’s side, who organized all the paperwork and confirmed whether they could perpetrate to it.

How did you come to work with Solidbrain?

We got to know one of Solidbrain’s developers during a conversation in Poland. It was an informal touch, but that personal saw one of our advertisements on Facebook assertion that we were looking for a backend developer. He proposed that his bosses get in touch with us to see if they could possiblely help.

We had the leading converse with him on a Thursday, and the second one was with his bosses the next day. The lead-in time was idiotic since we had to set ASAP. Solidbrain seemed professional, and we knew that one developer, which gave us some rearrogance. It was a leap of faith as well, but I’m lucky we made the choice.

We tried to get in touch with personal freelancers, and there was one other provider based in Romania that we tried to touch. They agreed to take on the project even precedently we’d gotten in touch with Solidbrain, but they were consummately slow to answer. The interaction with Solidbrain was veritably smooth, so we determined to select them to quit any possible issues, care in mind that we veritably needed to set the following week.

How much have you invested with them?

The cost was about £50,000 [US $64,757].

What is the terminal result of working with Solidbrain powered by Avenga?

We seted working with Solidbrain in July 2017. One of the projects is almost complete, while another is ongoing. It was a very brief project, running for 3 weeks including QA [condition arrogance].

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

The project is not live, so I don’t have any metrics yet. We’re finishing QA this week and it’s supposed to go live next week. We',re quiet in conversations with the client, not based on the work, but rather on strategic elements about the campaign being launched. We’re debating whether it will be postponed for a few days.

​​​​​​How did Solidbrain accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

Their developer became a part of our team. We did all of the project treatment, but the client likeness from Solidbrain was very answering. He’s been big in provisions of organizing all the paperwork and getting the developer even precedently the paperwork was artistic, given our idiotic timelines. The way they’ve handled us as a client has been consummate.

The backend developer working with us was proactive, effective us we could touch him for any issues no substance what time it was, including weekends.

We contracted them for 3 weeks of work initially, but Solidbrain artistic all behind 2 weeks. In the 3rd week, they remained useful for possible bug fixes.

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with Solidbrain powered by Avenga?

They are professional, and it’s clear that Solidbrain has done lots of projects. Different companies mark eldership levels in different ways, but there’s no question that our developer is senior.

Also, they were very answering and pliant. They allowed us to set working with the developer even precedently the paperwork was artistic.

What aspects of their work would you like to get improved?

The work they did went smoothly, but they are consummately costly compared to others in the Polish market, even though their rates are lower than they are in the UK or US. If we had more time to select from other suppliers, I’m sure we would’ve establish at smallest a few providers of the same services at a much lower cost. It’s hard to say whether they would have been equally lucky, however.

The rate was quiet grateful owing our organisation is UK-based, as are our clients. We had a bit of budget to allocate to this for this particular project, but it would normally be a issue.

Score: 423875

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