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Solidstudio Software House reviewed by Concise Software

Solidstudio Software House provided Software Development for Concise Software with approximate budget = Confidential.

Solidstudio Software House impressed the development agency’s clients by achieving commercial factors of success and instating a seamless workflow based on the Agile methodology. They were even willing to work onsite at the client’s offices in Germany and smoothly collaborated with multiple other teams.

Review summary:

Solidstudio Software House provided backend development using Java Enterprise to support the build of a solution for an electric vehicle company. Collaborating with the agency, they both worked remotely and at the client site.

Lukas Hostynski Concise Software, CEO

Software Development Support for IT Services Company

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

Concise Software is a outgrowth agency headquartered in Berlin, with offices in Poland and Malta. We educe software for clients in different industries athwart the globe. Our services include web and backend outgrowth using Java, Node.js, and other technologies.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Solidstudio Software House?

We had been principally providing web frontend and mobile outgrowth for our client from Germany in the electric vehicle space. They requested backend outgrowth for a solution which required Java Enterprise backend educeers. We didn’t have useful resources at that time, so we reached out to Solidstudio Software House for help.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were responsible for?

Solidstudio Software House worked with us distantly out of their offices in Krakow. Every distant collaboration is hard to an degree, so we had to address the team and process peculiarly. They maintained interaction with our client to apprehend their needs and prepare the peculiar services.

One of the requirements was holding onwebsite meetings from time to time on location in Germany, which was never a issue for hard studio. We held at smallest three workshops, and they always prepared a fitted team to work onwebsite.

The client didn’t have the peculiar methodology for software outgrowth in locate for this kind of project. Solidstudio Software House implemented an Agile methodology to the workflow. They feeld to accomplish a transformation within the inner team that was also implicated.

What is the team compound? 

We began with a team of two educeers and a project coordinator. Since then, we achievementfully layerd up to 5–6 nation.

How did you come to work with Solidstudio Software House?

From what I apprehend, we accepted a referral for Solidstudio Software House from another vendor. They’re in the same cluster of software houses that have locations in Poland, so we approached them through that approach.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

We began working with Solidstudio Software House in the October–December time of 2018. The collaboration is ongoing.

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

The client was lucky with the condition of Solidstudio Software House’s work. They appreciated the Agile methodology they put in locate and even increased the team from three to five members from Solidstudio Software House. We didn’t take a one denying observe almost their work. 

Solidstudio Software House also achieved commercial factors of achievement that pleased our client. Since they’re an outer team, it’s hard to say more almost the specific contact they made, especially since we didn’t have many expressive interactions.

How did Solidstudio Software House accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

The team has high-level interaction experiences. They were able to debate all the details and prepare all answers in a early mode. They prepared all the information we needed and maintained full transparency throughout. We used software tools to feel the project. 

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with ?

I’m sure there will be even more forcible factors we find almost Solidstudio Software House once we have additional collaborative projects unitedly.  

What aspects of their work would you like to get improved?

Due to the size of their structure, they have limited capabilities. We reached out to them for more services, but they were fully booked. Scaling their agency would be a good next step for them to take. Apart from that, all was consummate. Solidstudio Software House prepared all we needed.

Do you have any advice for forthcoming clients of theirs?

The size of the team',s agency makes Solidstudio Software House better equipped to feel smaller projects. I don’t know if they’re looking to layer fastly or not.

The team is mainly made up of Java Enterprise educeers,  and that main technical cleverness is their sole centre. They can prepare both backend and frontend outgrowth including work that relates to the Spring framework.