Realface (Acquired by Apple in 2017): STX Next App Development project at Qualified.One

Realface (Acquired by Apple in 2017) by STX Next

Some details


RealFace was a company whose mission was to revolutionize the way people are recognized. They were creating A.I software with the aim of bringing back human perception to digital process, delivering to customers the technologies needed to connect with their consumers in the digital era. Acquired by Apple in 2017.


RealFace was looking for a tech partner

who could integrate their library written in C and take over development from a previous company. Their real challenge, however, was to find developers who could understand the logic of the AI face recognition system and deal with GPUImage and the dlib face detector.

STX Next Delivered

Using the most advanced technologies in A.I, developed in-house, STX Next created a user centered authentication service. Meet the first anti-spoof application tailored for everyday use on your device.


  • iOS and Android
  • Face detection functionality
  • Libraries: OpenCV, dlib

  • Mp4 with av-Foundation
  • Connections with Amazon S3