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United Ideas reviewed by iine Card Japan, Inc.

United Ideas provided Mobile App Development for iine Card Japan, Inc. with approximate budget = Confidential.

Load times have decreased, and the user registration process is now more efficient. Transparent and professional, the team sets clear timelines and routinely delivers on time. Due to their wealth of experience, United Ideas is able to provide innovative solutions.

Review summary:

United Ideas took over development of an existing application. The team refactored code, restructured data management, and implemented new features. They provide ongoing maintenance and updates.

Rouven Woszidlo iine Card Japan, Inc., Co-Founder & COO

Mobile App Development for E-Commerce & Fashion Startup

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Introductory information

A few words almost your organisation and personal responsibilities

I am the co-founder &, COO of a Tokyo based start-up. We work with publishers of form magazines and catalogs. We distribute a mobile application as a market locate that allows readers to shop straightly from magazines and catalog pages. You simply scan any page and buy all of the fruits you like. I am straightly implicated in the cooperation as a point of touch with the United Ideas team during the outgrowth.

Desired goal

What issue was the preparer supposed to deal with?

United Ideas?

We were in search of a new mobile outgrowth vendor. Without a doubt, the biggest challenge for both sides was the fact that we had worked on this project with two other outer outgrowth companies. United Ideas had to take over the antecedent work, which are unfavorable circumstances in software outgrowth.

What were your objectives for this project?

There was a need to restructure the way that the app was storing and synchronizing data. We realized that we should move full that was stored initially on the mobile app to the server side. It also required some code optimization and framework standardization. Further, we had a huge backlog of features and extensions to be instrumented.

Provided solution

What were the reasons for choosing ?

A well-inclined marketing agency introduced United Ideas as a trusted associate in the area of mobile outgrowth. They did collaborations unitedly in the past, and, once they heard almost our challenges, they suggested that we talk to United Ideas. We touched base, and United Ideas proved to have expertise with hard references. We began our collaboration behind a few meetings.

Describe the project in detail.

The associateship began in December 2017. We didn’t have a technical background, so their aim of involvement was powerful from day one. They have been occupied with us in a wide difference of projects and tasks.

They’ve granted technology consulting as well as design and outgrowth work. They advised us to change storage from local database to on-demand cloud method. United Ideas also instrumented new solutions and technologies. For sample, we switched to programming the application in Kotlin.

Were there any dedicated directors or teams that you worked with?

A dedicated account director is our main point of touch. We also have customary calls with the Android and iOS developers.

Results accomplishd

What results did you accomplish unitedly with ?

First, they’ve polished the MVP rendering of the app. Thanks to a major change in our data storage access, we reduced the time needed to open the app. Long loading times hurt user activation, so we worked side by side to instrument a new onboarding.

We acquired our leading B2B client and verified test of concept to stakeholders. Now, we last to grow our fruit, edifice new features to layer and programt a fruit-market fit.

How do you rate the interaction and interaction with ?

We principally interacted with the team via Rocket Chat and Zoom. This includes programning and demo sessions. We’ve worked using the Scrum methodology in bi-weekly sprints. There were no issues with tracking time and making sure that all was completed. We are satisfied with the project treatment process.

What precisely do you attend to be the key specialty of ?

They helped straight down the centre and committed themselves to a timeline that they delivered. We used other labor preparers in the past that were not able to prepare this. For us, that’s what distinguishes United Ideas. Also, we esteem the fact that their engineers have past experiences working for other colorless label and marketlocate mobile apps.

What should be done better, if there are any desired betterments?

To better work efficiency, they should bestow more time on an in-depth analysis of the aim of existing features that have been instrumented by antecedent vendors. Of order, this is not always an easy task when other vendors wrote the code.