Yaman Halloum, Working Student at LMNts Marketing: Qualified.One profile

Yaman Halloum


Working Student, LMNts Marketing

Location: United Kingdom, United Kingdom

LMNts Marketing team worked with Key clients:  RepairMyPC Indigo Counselling AJ AquaJet Perfect Imbalance Soul Awakening Academy ActionCoach CBD Oil Miracle My Local Solicitor BSaver Alex White Mobile Massage Dove Global Ltd. Elan Quest Lencrest

Score: 326964


Avg project size: $36500   |   Reviews: 10   |   Portfolio: 9 works

Series Eight Branding

Score: 308041

We do Designers, Strategists, Illustrators, Analyzers, Painters, Writers, Consultants, Problem Solvers, Impact Makers, and All Around Good People! Our team is passionate about creating spectacular digital products based on our deep understanding of our c ...

Avg project size: $6667   |   Reviews: 6   |   Portfolio: 6 works

Score: 139264


Avg project size: $52500   |   Reviews: 10   |   Portfolio: 16 works

Together Branding

Score: 72232

At The Yard Creative we design remarkable, sector changing brand and retail experiences for those daring to be different. Our core design services include interior design, graphic design, strategy, branding and research but we are an experienced bunch wi ...

Avg project size: $115500   |   Reviews: 10   |   Portfolio: 12 works

Score: 59875

We create innovative digital solutions that people want to use.  Eton Digital is a digital design and development agency that makes large social networks, enterprise e-commerce applications, knowledge networks, powerful and attractive CMS based websites ...

Avg project size: $130714   |   Reviews: 7   |   Portfolio: 9 works

Eton Digital Branding

Score: 57839

Start Design is an independent, strategic design consultancy with studios in London, Manchester and Dubai. We do three things exceptionally well – Retail Design, Digital Design and Brand Design.  We have multi-skilled teams with cross-discipline experti ...

Avg project size: $315000   |   Reviews: 2   |   Portfolio: 15 works

Start Design Branding

Score: 44270

We are Absolute Digital Media, a multi award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency based in the heart of Chelmsford. With offices in London and Essex, we offer a breadth of digital marketing services across Europe, tailored to a range of industri ...

Avg project size: $166250   |   Reviews: 4   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Score: 41739

Borne Digital is a leading mobile app development agency. We specialise in apps for iOS and Android, as well as web development.    We help brands and businesses define their product roadmap. We move them through an iterative design process that focuses ...

Avg project size: $85625   |   Reviews: 8   |   Portfolio: 1 works

Borne Digital Branding

Score: 38482

We are inventors, experimenters and creatives. We turn ideas into show-stopping designs, and designs into market-ready products. We invent new ways of using existing technology, and deliver apps, websites and IoT software to ambitious start-ups and cutt ...

Avg project size: $60500   |   Reviews: 10   |   Portfolio: 9 works

Score: 19389

Brown Owl Creative is a digital design company that works closely with local and international businesses to develop strategic creative solutions through innovative design. Since being launched back in 2012 the company has since developed and grown the se ...

Avg project size: $85000   |   Reviews: 3   |   Portfolio: 0 works