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Kristyn Pilgrim


Media Relations Supervisor, Fractl

Location: Delray Beach, United States

Fractl team worked with Key clients:  DirecTV, Discover, Auto Nation, Fanatics, Porch, Superdrug, Paychex, Indeed, and many more.

I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with high honors in 2015. I received my B.A. in Multimedia Journalism and a minor in Sociology.

I am currently pursuing a career in content creation for media and SEO as a media relations supervisor at Fractl in Delray Beach.

Previous Positions:
- Account Manager
- Media Relations Supervisor
- Senior Media Relations Lead
- Media Relations Specialist
- Media Relations Associate

Top Hobbies

One of my preferred activities is run. I love testing my bodies capacity through hustling. I have won a few nearby races including the Courage Challenge (twice) and the Dunn's Run. Running is my method of making joy.

Another of my side interests is limited time displaying. I model for nearby swim and style boutiques to help advance neighborhood specialists and brands. I love helping others by flaunting their items to individuals who wouldn't have seen them without my assistance.

Another interest of mine is discovering incredible arrangements and extraordinary items to upgrade my common excellence. I love sharing the items that I appreciate with everybody. I accept that everybody has the right to feel wonderful and tragically everybody has days where they may require somewhat more coverup to conceal the sacks under their eyes following a fretful night.

Florida Atlantic University

Through my school classes I was allowed the chance to work for South Florida Journal, which involved announcing and creating NPR style radio stations. I have investigated different types of newsworthy occasions to make hard reports, highlight reports, and stories for NPR radio stations.

During my senior year I was allowed the chance to coach understudies while they directed meetings, gathered data, and eventually made a content for South Florida Journal. Throughout the fall 2014 semester I likewise had the chance to aid the 2014 general races at Newsmax Media Inc. I was accountable for seven key races for which I persistently followed for the duration of the night to helped present live outcomes on the Newsmax site and Excel spread sheet.

For my last semester at FAU I was allowed the chance to assistant at ESPN West Palm ((106.3 FM)) and Lifestyle Magazine. I additionally proceeded with my news coverage concentrates in the propelled communicate class at FAU as the Executive Producer and Newsroom Manager of South Florida Journal.

I am as of now searching for an occupation where I can put my composition, broadcasting, and PR aptitudes to utilize. Look at my LinkedIn for my full proficient resume.

Kristyn Pilgrim Qualified contribution

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