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Kristin Tynski


Co-Founder, SVP of Creative, Fractl

Location: Delray Beach, United States

Fractl team worked with Key clients:  DirecTV, Discover, Auto Nation, Fanatics, Porch, Superdrug, Paychex, Indeed, and many more.

I'm a seasoned content marketer whose focus over the last 13 years has been on staying at the forefront of viral content creation and promotion online. While the methods have changed as new channels have emerged, the base principles remain the same. Create something that provides value, activates emotions, and demonstrates to the brand's unique selling proposition in an organic way, and it is possible to see the unmatched power of content-based inbound marketing.

I believe that we've entered a new era in how brands and customers interact, an era characterized by a more equitable business-consumer relationship. Customers have more choice and more voice than ever before, and as a result, companies need to find new ways to provide value through their marketing. It is no longer enough to simply get the word out. Customer-brand relationships are now much more reciprocal and transparent. Valuable content is the new currency of this evolved relationship.

Over the last 3 years, my partners and I have put our heart and souls into creating what we believe to be the best team and processes out there for creating and promoting content that yields consistent and high levels of success. By developing a deep understanding of a brand's goals, and connecting those goals with the needs of their audiences, we've been able to drive unprecedented ROIs for clients in some of the most competitive niches online.

If you think Fractl could help your business meet its goals through content, I'm always happy to provide advice, or give my opinion. Please don't hesitate to reach out for any reason at all.

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